Woman photographs purported UFO near historic Southern California farm

In Santee, California (not far from San Diego), a woman snapped a photo of what she claims is a UFO near the site of an historic barn. She did not want to show her face on camera, because "she was still spooked by what she captured," but she is wearing an awesome straw hat.


      1. San Diego is one of the cities jockeying to become the drone capital of the country.

  1. It is a UFO (unidentified flying object), until someone identifies it. Jumping to extraterrestrials in the news story is a bit of a leap though.  A balloon or drone is the most likely explanation these days.

    1. That’s what they want you to believe. By not jumping to conclusions you have in fact jumped to not a conclusion. Consider that in your calculations, commiserations, adulterations and deifications. I’m going to believe that these are aliens. After all, where did the large muscular black cats in the UK come from? QED.

  2. And now you know why San Diegans refer to this part of our lovely county as “Santucky”

      1. I went to high school in adjacent Lakeside, and I’ve had occasion to call it both.

    1. Along with places like Escondido, areas of San Diego that live on a Murdoch and Clear Channel diet of Hannity, Limbaugh and Coast To Coast.

  3. I was in San Diego 2 weeks ago and in Norfolk the week before that.  I saw things in the sky I’d never seen before.  As one does in places with a ton of military around.  It’s unknown but not inexplicable.  If the object was something secret it wouldn’t be in plain sight in broad daylight.

    1. What kinda’ stuff (descriptions)? I’m former Navy and was involved in aviation, so maybe I can ID what you saw.

      1. Like two helicopters towing another helicopter on a long cable, then the towed chopper flying back in the other direction a little while later.
        Also really colossal planes flying at improbably low speeds.  And at least one thing that looked like an onion shaped weather balloon.  The sky was awfully busy in both places.

        1. Ah, the towing… that’s actually refueling, believe it or not. It was likely a C-130 refueling an H-53. Although unlikely, I suppose it could be possible for one H-53 to refuel another.

          The colossal airplanes may have been V-22 Ospreys, although it could also be a C-5 seen from far off. They’re huge and look almost like they’re standing still when they’re landing.

          As for the onion-shaped balloon, if it had color, it could have been a hot air balloon – that’s popular around here. If it was silver, I suppose it could have been a hot air balloon or some weather balloon… or a UFO.  ; )

          Trying to post links to photos, but Disqus is giving me problems…



          (Images finally working)

          1. The large, slow moving plane could also be an E2 Hawkeye. I know they used to fly AWACS clockwise to the south of Miramar, while the jets would fly counter clockwise to the north.

          2. I’ve seen C-5’s landing a few times, it’s eerie how they seem to just hang in the air.  A plane comparable in size to a 747 just sort of hovering like a gull in the wind as you drive past.  It’s forced perspective, of course.  The only times I’ve seen them were when I was driving past at freeway speed, so I have no reliable visual references to guess how fast the C-5 could really be going.

          3. One of the coolest things I’ve seen was back in 1984 when I was a student at NAS North Island. There’s a roughly north/south runway, which pleases the wealthy residents of Coronado when traffic flies over to approach from south.

            One morning, I arrived at the school building, which is very close to that runway. It was a very foggy morning and I heard the unmistakable sound of big turbofan engines. A big C-5 appeared out of the fog and landed. Like fryin’ chickens in the barnyard.

          4. Down near the Mexican border here in San Diego is an airfield called Brown Field. Back in the 80s, there was a large air show there, and there was a Soviet (before the breakup) Antonov, I forgot the number. Anyway, they did some flying around for the show and that looked like it almost hung in the air too.

            My intellect tells me that something that big still adheres to the laws of aerodynamics, but my eyeballs tell me there’s no way it’ll fly. Conversely, it’s similar with big ships like aircraft carriers – nahhh, they can’t float.

          5. You’re absolutely right. The funny thing is that it’s the first one I thought of but forgot to include it as I was counting off all the other ones. Need more coffee.

      1. Not “a” Zeppelin – “The” Zeppelin. The gods (aliens) love us and brought us Led Zep.

    1.  That’s certainly a plausible explanation. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to check whether there was a blimp within a few miles of that location that day.

      1. True… and I’m actually starting to have some doubts about my initial guess. I think the odds are still good, but not as good as before, mainly because of the apparent lack or near lack of fins on the mystery tube steak.

  4. A friend of mine worked for Goodyear at the facility where the blimps were housed.  He said they avoided flying them over certain rural areas of the country because they came back with bullet holes in them.

    1. I suppose that explains why they fly over the very populated portions of Ann Arbor and Ypsi whenever they’re in town for U of M football games (not exclusively the Goodyear blimp) instead of further north or south in the agricultural hinterlands.

  5. Is this a spoof? At 1:17 news correspondent “Kwak” says ‘what happened in the sky is nothing to what happens here on the ground’ and she disappears. I don’t mean she runs away or falls, I mean she fades away like a ghost leaving the barn behind her.

    1.  That was my favorite bit.  Particularly how low key it was.   She just disappears!

    1. I visited that place once. I’ve got a coffee table book called “In Advance of the Landing, ” about spaceship lore and UFO cults. When I moved here to San Diego, I was driving around aimlessly and ended up nearby. With the death of Ariel or whatever her name was, I’m surprised they’ve managed to stay open.

  6. Sure looks like a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0.  The trouble with photographs like this is that you really can’t tell how far away the object is, so you have no basis on which to judge size or velocity.  There is a basic principle here:  All UFO pictures will either be of sufficiently low resolution that they could be anything whatsoever, or they will be blatantly Photoshop.

  7. It is a bug. I don’t care what she says, it is obviously a bug. She didn’t see it when she was taking a picture, because guess what, it’s a bug. It’s blurry and elongated because that’s how bugs look when they fly close to a camera during a picture. Bug. End of story.

    1. It looks like a locust with its wings and legs all tucked in.  Or a xenomorph head.

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