$200k raised to buy claimed video of Toronto Mayor smoking crack

Gawker hit its target with hours to spare, but have already warned readers that the ne'er-do-wells in possession of the alleged evidence might not be willing or able to do business. In that case, the funds will go to charity. Previously.


  1. Schadenford – the guilty pleasure of watching Mayor Ford’s meltdown.

    His PR staff all quit today.  The most imposed upon PR flacks since Baghdad Bob.

  2. Think about it for a moment chaps. 200k to the Gawker who will then pay THE SOMALI CRACK DEALERS. Let that sink in for a moment while you think of a more worthy charity than the Gawker editors’ favorite Manhattan restaurants and nightclubs, etc. Jeezuz, you’d have better odds buying  a lotto ticket.

      1. Not only are they crack dealers, but apparently it’s entirely possible that they’re actually murderers too.  The story really keeps getting better and better, but the few new pieces that people have put together are:
        Anthony Smith, the non-blurred person in the picture that’s been floating around of Ford with his arms over the shoulders of some friends, was shot and killed some months ago, and rumours are floating around that he was the one who took the original video and was murdered in order to get the crackphone.

        1.  “The day after this appeared in Gawker, David Price, a Ford staffer who
          according to the Globe and Mail was associated with Doug Ford (and who
          has no apparent qualifications for a job that was very loosely defined
          and who wouldn’t tell anyone what his job entailed) was reportedly heard
          to say to Towhey (the fired chief of staff) something to the effect of
          ‘if I were to hypothetically have been told by one of my sources of the
          address where the phone is being kept, what would we theoretically do?’
          Towhey then apparently said Go to the Police. Towhey did go to the
          police later to give a statement, and Price was subsequently questioned
          by homicide detectives at city hall.”

          Towhey would say that to Price, who anyone could easily see is a mere thug. Towhey is a former Infantry Captain and a stand up guy. He was lucky to get fired from what was probably the most amusing and sickening job yet in his career among Conservative Canadians.

          I’ve only communicated with him on Twitter, but something about that wisp of interaction spoke volumes. If more Conservatives like him would stand up to the freakish Reformers and Ford-like characters who dominate the positions of power at all levels of the CPC, all Canada would be saved.

      2. Hi Bob, I’m thinking it would be a good idea to not give hard-earned money to Manhattan millionaires whose most recent claim to fame is publishing photos of the future Queen of England’s butt on the interwebs. Buying  a video from crack dealers is never a good idea, even if it does embarrass a conservative politician. We wouldn’t want to encourage Manhattan millionaires or crack dealers in their behaviors and there are probably some baby seals out there somewhere that could use 200k worth of film.

    1. To be fair, they’re Canadian Somali crack dealers.  Actually it’s easier just to call them Toronto crack dealers.

      Personally I find this whole thing hilarious and really, really want this video to see the light of day.

    2. The money supposed to go to charity, or be given back, if the mayor’s already bought the video or had the dealers bumped off – not to the Gawker staff.

      Anyway, we give billions of dollars every year to the paramilitary goons on the other side of the War On Some People Who Use Some Drugs.  They kill innocent people all the time with impunity and consider themselves to be above the law too.  What’s the diff?

      1. If the money  actually does get to a charity or returned, good for them–but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Why should the public fund extortion or sensational “journalism”? It’s a gimmick to keep Gawker in the news. Besides Bob Ford is not worth our time, believe me. 

  3. The future of Kickstarting. People pay the expenses corporations should pay for.

  4. Gawker is estimated to be worth $100MM with $30MM in annual revenue. Nick Denton is estimated to be worth $320MM. So how many suckers did it take to come up with $200K?

    1.  But did you put your pinky finger to the corner of your mouth when you said that?

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