Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Ice T's First Record and Uncle Jamm's Army

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  1. Can we please turn off the video noise overlay? It’s getting annoying. I said please?

  2. Why play your music in room full of white people? Because it’s the only way to get appreciation or any kind of notice if you’re not white. Look at BoingBoing – all white, all the time (well, 98% white at least) .

    1. Some of my first comments here were critiquing BB’s limited music tastes. If history rhymes, your about to  learn a lesson or two in “sensitive blogger sensibilities.”

        1. Correct has little to do with blogger scorn.

          That said, in the instance I was referring to, I made the mistake of mentioning by name a musical act who are super best buds with one of the editors. Oops. #sorrynotsorry

          1. We’ve infringed your God Given Right™ to insult our friends on our site.

            Oh, the humanity.

          2. Right, I forgot that remarking that “maybe you cover a certain band a lot all the time and we get the point by now” is totally insulting the people, and the music, and the blog. Just insult all over.

            I mean, who do I have to buddy up to around here so BB can become *my* band’s PR department (and then consider it a personal insult when someone points that out)?

          3. BB is a personal blog, not a public utility. They write about their interests.

          4. You’re right, they do post about their interests. And then I commented on one of those posts, as a reader (y’know, those pesky things that make the difference between “another blog” and “successful venture”) who had simply gotten the point that the band in question existed. Of course, I did so without knowing they were besties with the poster. Then, the poster took it personally and made a much bigger deal of it than it warranted.

            Fast forward to this thread, were I simply alluded, quite vaguely, to this incident, at which prompting you decided to declare these past comments as “insults” (regardless of the overwhelming likelihood that you don’t even know to which comments I am referring, let alone the nature of my words).

            So, I gotta ask, man: what’s your beef? Where did I go so terribly wrong? Daring to question the frequency/taste of a Boing Boing subject? I hope it’s not that; it’s pretty petty and happens so frequently that if it is said beef, you could open a chain burger joint. “Insulting” your friends? Well, that didn’t happen, so it would be pretty disconcerting if that’s what your malfunction was. That would be imaginary beef, which, as a vegetarian, I can tell you is probably not what you want either. So what, exactly, is the problem?

  3. Daniel Sofer worked for Oberheim and got the nickname “Perfect Tommy” from the Unknown DJ.

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