Canada's business groups wants to hack your computer even more than the creeps at the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property


6 Responses to “Canada's business groups wants to hack your computer even more than the creeps at the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property”

  1. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    When people tried to point out they had declared war on consumers, people laughed.
    When they tried to buy laws to give them unprecedented control, people called us uninformed.
    Now might be a good time for the people to stand up and start voting the assholes out and elect people who care more about citizens than “campagin contributions”.  I might not agree with a law makers personal stance on abortion, gay marriage, or a host of other subjects but if that law maker is willing to put a stop to the stupidity we can work on the rest.

  2. qujasokimuki says:

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  3. signsofrain says:

    Sweet mother of god, if Canada legalizes spyware I’m going to be rich. I’m an IT guy and this creates a wonderful black market I can cater to: those willing to pay to prevent and remove legal malware infections. Presumably while they’re being idiots they’ll make it illegal to interfere with the operations of malicious software too, so that’s just gonna be under the table gravy. Jesus just look at that: “Legal Malware”. I’m livin’ in a cuckoo clock!

    • elix says:

      More lucrative than dealing drugs because you don’t have to worry about being busted when telling someone that you know a lot about computers when you offer to help them with their “problem”.

  4. tnmc says:


    “”a program that is installed by or on behalf of a person to prevent, detect, investigate, or terminate activities that the person reasonably believes (i) present a risk or threatens the security, privacy, or unauthorized or fraudulent use, of a computer system, telecommunications facility, or network, or (ii) involves the contravention of any law of Canada, of a province or municipality of Canada or of a foreign state;””

    So, if I read this correctly, I can legally install spyware in a bank because I can reasonably believe- given the plethora of public evidence – that they are contravening at least one of *any* law of Canada, any law of *a* province or municipality, but even more broadly *any* law of a foreign state.


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