Guy on hood of moving pickup begs passing drivers to call the police

Have you seen a video floating around showing a guy on the hood of a moving pickup truck, begging people to call the police? When I saw it, I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on, but thankfully, some context is now in hand: it's all down to Baton Rouge's notorious "sign guy," a hoarder who confiscates roadside signs put up by local businessmen and fills his backyard with them:

BATON ROUGE, La. - A man pleaded for help after jumping on the hood of a moving truck on Coursey Blvd. after his sign was picked up, according to Baton Rouge Police Cpl. Tommy Stubbs.

Stubbs says the man was on Coursey selling shrimp when another man driving a pickup truck pulled over and picked up his sign.

When the man in the truck went to pull off with the sign, the man selling the shrimp jumped on the hood of the pickup.

Man pleads for help on hood of truck in Baton Rouge [Troy Gaulden/WBRZ] (Thanks, Spocko)


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      Moral of the story:  Don’t change what ain’t broken.

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  1. The reason I submitted this is because 1) It just cracked me up, how calm he was 2) The strange backstory about the guy going around grabbing signs.
    3) How calm the WOMAN was. Like she sees stuff like this all the time! Baton Rouge must be a hell of a drug.

  2. I wonder whose side Rob Cockerham would be on?  He seems like he’s an enemy of lawn signs, but would be pretty impressed by hood jumping.

    1. Rob’s more likely to be posting signs than taking them, but I can totally see him on the hood of a truck riding around town begging for help, keeping track of how many 911 calls get made.

  3. I think I’m with lawn-sign-stealer-guy.  I’ve spent way too much time trying to get real estate agents to take back their signs that their time is too valuable to attend to.  They are inevitably up on public property or private without permission.  But he should learn the law if he’s going to make a habit of doing this.

        1. Under that doctrine, you could legally take my bag of groceries when I set it down to tie my shoe.

  4. The sign guy sounds like an interesting story, in the way that essentially harmless people with manias often are.

    As to the people bringing up signs on public property: yes, they’re unsightly, and often illegal (including apparently in Baton Rouge). But the Baton Rouge sign guy apparently doesn’t limit himself to signs on public property.

  5. If the guy is grabbing those “we buy junk cars” type of roadsigns he is my new hero.

  6. Thanks a lot, so much nicer without that flickering animation. I thought we all got moving GIFs as a cornerstone of web design out of our systems back in the Geocities days.

    (Edit: intended as a reply to Stephen Schenck)

  7. In my city, it is illegal to post signs on public property except where adjoining the business being advertised, or on private property without the owner’s written permission. There is also a scammer leaving ads offering free bankruptcy consultation with an 800 number, and plenty of politicians who do not clean up after their campaigns.

    Turns out, Coroplast is an excellent material for all sorts of arts & crafts. Conscientious citizens recommend it highly for backyard greenhouses, children’s puppet theaters and small, lightweight shipping or storage containers.

    Know your local ordinances, then go out and tidy the community while making children/plants/fragile objects happy!

    1. When I’m Benevolent Dictator, if you leave your Garage Sale signs posted all over the neighborhood after your sale is over, anyone can come into your house and buy whatever they want for a dollar.

      And I will be loved.

      1.  I vote for you as Benevolent Dictator! The garage sale signs in my neighborhood are all very poorly spelled, and therefore a negative influence on children.

  8. Sorry sir, my phone is not capable of placing calls while recording video, so I won’t be able to call the police until you cease to be entertaining.  

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