Legal analysis of the conclusion to Dark Knight Rises


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  1. andres rivero says:

    Sounds like the same leap that you make in your mind to follow along with the story about a man that also is a ‘batman’ that fights crime. That will be the same type of leap you will need to tell yourself that kind of man has the kind of resources to accomplish something as trivial as faking his death. Like, I don’t know, maybe then faking his death again – he was already missing and came back in the earlier movies…

    • Brainspore says:

      The resources needed to fake one’s death would be trivial to a billionaire who obviously had a lot of hidden assets off the books already. 

      A better question is: how does a guy recovering from a broken back get from a hole in the middle of a god-forsaken desert on the other side of the planet all the way back to Gotham with no ready access to resources or equipment?

  2. Aeron says:

    Did you mean The Dark Knight RISES?

    Also, Gotham was Chicago. What does Chicago law say?

    Also also, I may have forgotten but didn’t they reveal that Batman was Bruce Wayne after he died? Dressing up in a costume doesn’t count as a differnt person from a legal perspective I’m sure. So they understood that it was Wayne that died on that day.

    • grimc says:

      Whuh? Chicago? Gotham is NYC.

    • lectroid says:

       Parts of The Dark Knight were filmed in Chicago, and one of the addresses Joker gives in his “You can only save one…” is on Cicero, certainly a Chicago street.

      But I have always and forever assumed the Gotham = NYC.  Just in the universe of the Nolan films, this fits with the ferries and the ‘Island’ mentioned both in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Even during Wayne and Dent’s initial meeting, he mentions Wayne Manor is in The Palisades, which is a region on the NY/NJ border. (yes, there are others across the country, but, you know.. comics..)

      Metropolis, on the other hand, is Cleveland (hometown of both Jerry Siegel) with just-across-the-lake Toronto thrown in (hometown of Schuster)

      The Question’s corrupt town of Hub City is based on East St. Louis, IL, which truly is a terrible, awful town, replete with rampant poverty and epic corruption.

      • I believe that Frank Miller described Metropolis as New York by day, and Gotham as New York at night.

      • Donald Petersen says:

        Hasn’t East St Louis gotten any better?  I seem to remember they filmed Escape From New York there since it needed virtually no set dressing to resemble NYC as a citywide maximum security prison/postapocalyptic ruin.

        • chgoliz says:

          Sadly, no.  If only the weather were better in this part of the country, they could film the Walking Dead in East St. Louis.

      • planettom says:

         < just-across-the-lake Toronto

        In which continuity are Cleveland and Toronto on the same lake?

      • Lady Viridis says:

         I have heard the Gotham is NYC by night, Metropolis is NYC by day thing, and I suppose I can accept it. But as someone who grew up near Chicago, I always assume that Gotham is an amalgamation of Chicago and Detroit in personality if not geography. Metropolis has more of the glittery, center-of-the-world feel that is more New York’s reputation. I mean, I always assumed the Daily Planet was meant to have a similar influence and scope as the New York Times.

    • Daneel says:

      Gotham’s a small village between Loughborough and Nottingham.

    • I’ve always thought of Gotham as Boston (wealthy high society like the Wayne family, along with entrenched crime), with Metropolis as NYC. 

  3. The plot of DARK KNIGHT RISES: in order to get revenge for the death of one man she didn’t even like, a woman (aided by her Sean Connery-imitating gimp) takes over a major US city with the intention of just like SITTING ON IT for six month so she can totally crush it’s spirit just to be REALLY evil before blowing the shit of it; meanwhile, instead of killing the one person who could conceivably foil the insanely risky 6 month city hijack, they put him what is supposed to be the hardest prison in the world to escape from, but actually turns to be a fucking hole in the ground/New Age psychobabble retreat whose only guard is a Chippendale who actually helps you to try and escape.  One of the loudest, dumbest movies I’ve ever seen.

  4. Dark Knight Rises, jackass.  I’ve read Dark Knight Returns and haven’t seen Dark Knight Rises, so thanks for the spoilers.

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