Queer indie games


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  1. Weren’t jeans popularised by gold miners?

  2. silkox says:

    Miss Anthropy!

  3. thaum says:

    The problem — and I’m not sure whether it’s a selection problem on the part of the journalists or not — is that a lot of these games are often metaphorical of queer existence.

    I don’t want to play a game that reminds me of how my existence as a queer gal sucks and how life sucks. I have this same problem with film, too. Who are these games for, non-queers so they can get a glimpse at how the other half live?

    Games are about escapism and storytelling primarily for me. I just can’t lose myself I’m an indie twine game about the fabled planet of Lesbonia or enjoy the narrative experience of Dys4ia.

    I mean, hey, enjoy these games, but I want/to want to write games about queer people with narratives that doesn’t make a big goddamn deal about it.

    • echolocate chocolate says:

      I honestly think every one of these creators would love for you to do that too! Anna Anthropy in particular wrote a whole book on the subject!. It’s a great time for smaller, personal games. The more voices the better.

      I think the projects aimed at awareness get a lot more press because they go so against the grain. They’re important cause they advance the medium and the culture around games. I kinda feel like maybe you need the stuff that pushes the boundaries, the stuff that maybe isn’t even “fun”, to broaden the kind of experiences people expect out of games. And maybe to get more non-white-middle class-cis-male people fired up about about making them!

    • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

      After a horrible flight I ended up on Lesbonia once…
      Worst travel agent ever!

      • thaum says:

        or… BEST travel agent ever, depending on your “perspective”.

        • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

          As the openly gay loud mouth with the trendy avatar… worst travel agent ever.
          I am sure it is a lovely destination when one wants to go there, but definately not the package tour I was promised.

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