Tea kettle or… Hitler!


Separated at birth: the Michael Graves Design Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Kettle and Hitler? (The handle is apparently his hair. The spout is a sieg heil salute.) Redditors are having a field day with this. More at The Atlantic. (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)


  1. Tea and Aryans both originate from the indian subcontinent.

    Coincidence? We report, you decide!

    1. Those Aryans from the Indian subcontinent don’t have much relation to the Nazi “Aryans” though

  2. This would be a perfect time to resurrect the “Hitler finds out” meme.

    1. there are no eyes; they would be in the blank space circumscribed by the handle. the knob is his mustache and the “vertical mustache” suggests a jacket or something.

        1. you’re right. that’s what i thought of first, but then i decided that hitler wouldn’t have worn a tie for some reason. however, google image search has proven me wrong.

      1. I thought the knob was his nose (adorable puppy dog Hitler!) and his mustache was just greatly distorted. 

        Frankly, you have to look pretty hard to see Hitler in that, it’s kind of a stretch.

  3. Yet more evidence as to who REALLY won the war.  You won’t find anything in your kitchen that looks remotely like FDR or Churchill.  Well, unless you keep a bulldog as a pet.

  4. I’m a little tea pot
    Short and stout
    Here is my handle
    Here is how we will crush the mongrels races and rule for a thousand years!

  5. I’m sure this is just what jc penny was hoping for right about now. I can hear the new commercial: “It’s no secret, recently J.C. Penney changed. We started selling $#!t that looked like Hitler, but what matters is what we learn. We learned a very simple thing: make sure products on our ad copy doesn’t look like Hitler. Come back to J.C. Penney. We hate Hitler too.”

  6. Hitler joins the exclusive group of historical figures to experience immortality via pareidolia! 

  7. This one goes  into the same bucket as the face on Mars and the lizard on Mars.  Once someone labels a visual image, then people start to see the suggested object, like the picture of (insert your choice of politician here) in a pile of cow dung.

    1. I thought that it was a cartoon of Hitler before I read anything about it.

      1.  Is there a way to post a jpeg image here?  I’ve got the two images (teakettle and book cover) side by side.

  8. Recently a book came out in Germany: “Er ist wieder da”, haven’t read it, but it is supposed to be a funny book about Hitler waking up in “our time”. 

    The tea kettle just looks exactly like the cover of that book. Judge for yourself: http://www.amazon.de/Er-ist-wieder-Der-Roman/dp/3847905171

  9. The resemblance to AH seems to have unfortunately obscured the marvelous concept of putting a bell on a tea kettle. However, this depresses me. For a long time I have aspired to be the inventor of the ringing tea kettle.

  10. Reminds me of about a dozed different ink blot test jokes, none of which are politically correct.

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