Awesome Tapes from Africa


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  1. “Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument” is a fantastic name for an album.

    Also the track linked above is more catchy than I expected.

  2. Gyrofrog says:

    It hasn’t been that long… When I first visited Ethiopia in 2004 people were still selling and buying cassettes.

    My wife (who’s been there more recently than I) says that now everyone has music on their phones. Internet service there is iffy (and firewalled) but she says thumb drives are in abundance.

  3. ffabian says:

    Something I discovered last year: Sahelsounds: Music from Saharan Cellphones

    Makes you sad when you realize that after the latest conflicts with radical islamists in Mali there is a decent chance that we won’t hearing music from this part of the planet for a long time.

  4. smallteam says:

    I thought Shilela was vaguely reminiscent of Augustus Pablo.  But this track blew my mind:

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