Awesome Tapes from Africa

Africaaaaaa Awesome Tapes from Africa is just that. They also issue some of their finds on vinyl, CD (and, duh, tape), including the fantastic sounds of Ethiopia's Hailu Mergia posted above.

Hailu made his name in Walias Band and later went on to do some visionary solo recordings. Hailu Mergia's beautiful and surprising 1985 foray into traditional Ethiopian songs via analog synth, electric piano and accordion has been remastered and will be available June 25 on LP/CD/MP3/C60.
Awesome Tapes from Africa (Thanks, Patrick Kelly!)


  1. It hasn’t been that long… When I first visited Ethiopia in 2004 people were still selling and buying cassettes.

    My wife (who’s been there more recently than I) says that now everyone has music on their phones. Internet service there is iffy (and firewalled) but she says thumb drives are in abundance.

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