Little Italy Surprise: Serenading tourists on New York's Mulberry Street

The latest CDZA musical experiment: Serenading Tourists on Memorial Day Weekend, from four stories above Mulberry street. Charles Yang on Violin, Michael Thurber on Double Bass, playing a Tarantella and "That's Amore." (Thanks, Joe Sabia!)


  1. awesome, but oy, that fire escape gave me the willies. question: is there a (legal?) reason why they chose to do it up there, and not down on the street? street performance ordinances, or something?

      1. If you’re in the Lega Nord, you probably think that southern Italians are a different race.

      2. Italian was a race when Americans considered them non-white, which was true when That’s Amore was written. Today, most of us know that very few Italians talk-a like-a this-a, and most can manage a metaphor more complex than pizza. Not so much back in the 50s, when we had just finished bombing them into submission..

  2. Irony:  The only actual Italians in Little Italy these days are probably the tourists.

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