RIP, Henry Morgentaler, Canadian abortion pioneer


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  1. Nathalie Plum says:

    I was a pro-choice activist when the Supreme Court judgement happened. I still remember the joy of that day.

    Merci docteur Morgentaler

    the anti-choice mps of the Harper govt will surely exploit his death. More troubles for Stephen….

    and you were super cute, Cory!

    • Paul Renault says:

      I remember that for the later trials (and before the Supreme Court decision), in Québec, jury after jury would, despite instructions from the judge (if I can paraphrase) ordering them to find Morganthaler guilty, consistently refused to find him guilty. 

      /Saw Morgentaler once, sitting in the audience at the long-ago regretté Cinema V, in NDG.

  2. JonCarter says:

    Safe for whom?

    • ludomancer says:

       For women, you ninny.

      • robuluz says:

        and the definition of human life (fetuses aren’t people)

        I agree with the thrust of your post, but that’s an arbitrary distinction, not a matter of fact, regardless of your religious views.

        • foobar says:

          Not for any reasonable definition of ‘people.’

          • robuluz says:

            What is the reasonable definition of people? I’d think a lot of reasonable people would be uneasy with any definition of person-hood that didn’t arrive at some point during pregnancy. 

            That doesn’t mean right wing nut jobs should be able to legislate full person-hood at conception, but I think loose assertions like ‘fetuses aren’t people’ are glib at best.

          • IronEdithKidd says:

            You know, back in the day, a person wasn’t a person until they were crying after being born.  The reason being is that a fetus can die in utero up to, and even beyond, the full term of gestation.  

            Did you ever wonder why we celebrate birthdays and not conceptiondays or viabilitydays?

        • dmatos says:

           It is, in fact, an arbitrary distinction that is enshrined in Canadian law.  Similar to the arbitrary distinction stating that people under 18 can’t vote, and you can’t have sex with your 13 year old girlfriend.

          • robuluz says:

            Well yeah, except that if Canadian law is anything like Australian law, there is an acknowledgement of gradual attainment of personhood in the law. I think it’s a more problematic determination than the voting age.

          • tuxit says:

            But Canadian law ISN’T anything like Australian law. At least not where abortion is concerned. In Canadian law a person is not a person until born. Yes, that is arbitrary, but there it is. There is nothing in law to protect the foetus before birth.

            Frankly, I’m good with that. The rare exception where a late term abortion results in the loss of a viable foetus is more than offset by the lives saved from elimination of illegal abortions, and children being brought up with severe challenges because the mother did not take care of herself during the pregnancy.

            Laws should be based on the norms rather than the exception, so I reject these arguments about 3rd trimester abortions out of hand because they are just so damn rare, and women with doctors are always better at making these decisions then legislatures are.

    • Cowicide says:

      Safe for whom?

      Ut oh, we got a live one here.  Safer for women from your invisible sky wizard jeebus followers, m’kay, sweetheart?

  3. defunctionaldismocracy says:

    Not a Canadian but appreciative of Dr. Morgentaler and all of those who have worked to make abortion legal and safe.

    Cheers to you, Dr. M!

  4. Cassia Hill says:

    Jesus Christ came in the form of the very fetus that is labeled not a human being, do you actually think he would smile upon this practice in judgment day? The percentage is very low concerning a woman victimized by rape needing this and the majority of abortions that do happen are because the child becomes an inconvenience~ ~And you say RIP when he made a way to show others how to open abortion clinics to kill their unborn~ Don’t argue this comment down when you are born and haven’t been aborted~!!

    • ludomancer says:

       “Jesus Christ came in the form of the very fetus that is labeled not a
      human being, do you actually think he would smile upon this practice in
      judgment day?”

      Ooh, nice try! A for effort!  But those of us who don’t believe in your god, or any god, find arguments like this irrelevant.

      “Don’t argue this comment down when you are born and haven’t been aborted~!!”

      I wasn’t aborted.  I also wasn’t miscarried.  Since you believe in god, isn’t he the worst abortionist in all creation?

      • eveningchaos says:

         I agree. The stat I have heard is 50% of all embryos are not implanted and are aborted naturally. If god is omnipotent then it is his will to abort these embryos. I’m sick of these ridiculous arguments couched in false concepts like, “the sanctity of life”. If you really care about the living, adopt one of the 30 000 children in the foster system that exist in Canada alone. Otherwise, let women determine whether they want to bring a pregnancy to term or not. Because life doesn’t stop after birth.

    • Cowicide says:

      Jesus Christ came in the form of the very fetus that is labeled not a human being

      So, at what point did God fertilize Mary’s egg?  Or did a fetus appear out of nowhere like the Big Bang?

  5. workin says:

    Great Canadian. Great world citizen. A cool guy, I and the world are better having known him. Mom agreed to be in educational film via Dr. Morgentaler. A warm family friend, cool guy and part of our radical(sensible) past and present. It’s up to us now…

  6. niktemadur says:

    Cory WTF, Boing Boinging since you were just a young whippersnapper!

  7. chgoliz says:

    Know how I know he was living in Canada rather than in the US?  He lived to old age.

    Huzzah for his compassion and courage.  He made his part of the world a safer place.

  8. teapot says:

    Aw, I miss the old BB where religiofacists used to think we cared about their opinions. Now we’re just preaching to the converted.

    I’m gonna have to start commenting at CSM, but I’m guessing I’ll be a little more strongly moderated since their lead moderator doesn’t appreciate goatse as much as our lead moderator does (openly, at least).

  9. incipientmadness says:

    What I want to know is how Cory ended up in this photo. 

  10. Andrew Moody says:

    “Why this baby Is big enough to walk to the bus stop!”

  11. Kerouac says:

    Anybody else think the @timebot clue in the next post gives Cory’s secret away?  

  12. HOTDAMN says:

    Now i feel like a total jerk.

    When I was that age I was way more concerned with Power Rangers than legalized abortion.

  13. JubyDuk says:

    Love this photo, reminds me of a great band name:

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