Science fiction story in the form of a Twitter bug-report

I like Tim Maly's short-short science fiction story, which takes the form of a Twitter bug-report:

"Yo @carzymoney," he said, "I think @timebot's got a bug in the link code. #learn2code"

It was a post by Allison. Nothing special, something like "Mmmm tasty lunch" with an image attached. The image was a broken link. No big deal. I tried to find the original tweet but there was some problem with the unique ID and you don't make it easy to page through past tweets. I'd have given up if I hadn't noticed the timestamp.

The timestamp was in the future. Two days in the future. Weird bug. But @timebot was always a side project and I was on some big deadlines.

Report a problem to the support team. (via Making Light)


      1.  And that little bit is perhaps the scariest part of the story… What the hell happened on that date?

  1. Sounds very clever actually. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d be able to read it.

  2. I was so hoping the submission form button at the bottom would be functional and take me to another page.  The author missed an awesome opportunity to use this as the rabbit hole for an ARG or something.

    1. Totally! I was imaging that if I were to submit my twitter name and/or email, perhaps I’d start getting disturbing tweets from myself from the future.  (E.g., disturbing revelations about the contents of Trader Joe’s potstickers)

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