Settlers of Catan proposal


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  1. thomadaeus says:

    Can I get a job at how about we?

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    “I’ve got wood for sheep.”

    “What? You too? I’ve been looking my whole life for someone who understood . . .”

  3. jackbird says:

    If you like the heavier eurogames, there’s this.

  4. sockdoll says:

    May they enjoy many happy years together.

  5. jonbly says:

    So who won the game?

    (No, “both of us” is not a valid answer…)

  6. chris coreline says:

    well that extracted some tears from me.
    well played internet, well played.

  7. euansmith says:


  8. jestersghost says:

    She only called him an ‘asshole’? Wow. Their games are /polite/. My wife called me /much/ worse when I walled in her in with roads in a 6-player game…

    • dmatos says:

       Make sure there are no feasible weapons in reach when you trade away all of your ore, and then play a monopoly card to get it all back.

  9. Boundegar says:

     Happy, happy adorable story!

  10. WhyBother says:

    This reminds me a lot of how game designer Richard Garfield proposed to his wife Lily… right down to not remembering to cheat the card into your hand (a course I’d recommend people at least consider).

    It seems like it worked out pretty smoothly for Pete. Richard lost three games of Magic: the Gathering in a row before he even had a chance to draw the mock-up card. He was in the middle of losing the fourth game when his girlfriend asked if he wanted to concede.  “We both know there’s no white card you could pull that will let you win.” Thankfully, she wrong.

  11. zax says:

    This story goes some way to chase away the disgust at the cop in the miami 14 year old with puppy article.  Thank you!

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