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7 Responses to “Tonight on NOVA: Manhunt—Boston Bombers”

  1. shades909 says:

    “learn more about how the Tsarnaev brothers made the pressure cooker bombs used at the Boston marathon”  ……um did I miss the part where they were found guilty at a trial?

  2. Farkface says:

    Anyone remember when Nova was a science program?  Now it seems half the time they use it as another Frontline.  I don’t care about the Boston bombing.  I do however like science programming.  

    • doggo says:

      Sensationalism sells. Also, it keeps you from asking too many questions. Just the way David Koch likes things.

  3. rezmuff says:

    That’s OK, I didn’t want to hear the audio anyway.

  4. flickerKuu says:

    God forbid they turn the sound up from -5.

  5. Preston Sturges says:

    Notice they did not replace the rubber blowout plug in the lid with a bolt, see the jet of flame when it pops soon after ignition. 

  6. I hope this episode takes a real, non-sensationalized, unbiased tone. The days following the attack and the arrest were full of talk about how sophisticated everything was. I can’t recall the specific network, but a former federal agent (ATF or FBI) implied that the use of soldered connections indicated a high level of skill on the part of the bomb makers. Oh really? 

    I am in no way downplaying the significance of the attack or the suffering of the victims, but it is ridiculous to suggest that the attackers were anything other than bumbling amateurs or that the devices and plans were sophisticated. 

    What’s more ridiculous: serious discussions about security implications for upcoming marathons around the world, as though marathons and fun-runs are the new battlefield. Give me strength.