35-Cent Money Clip

After nearly a lifetime of getting Costanza’ed in the bottom by my wallet, I began to use this 35¢ tool and have never looked back, so to speak.

It firmly clamps bills and even cards in place until use, is easily removable and has caused much envious conversation.

The only drawback is that I bought a box of 12 (the smallest I could find) and am still using the same one after six years.

Appropriate technology rules!

-- Mark Kiemele

Ideal Document Clamps $4 / 12 clamps


  1. If you bought a box of 12 and are still using only one of them, then share some with friends, etc.  Binder clips of various sizes are also very useful for many things too.

  2. You can most likely get them cheaper/faster (no paying or waiting for shipping) at your local office supply store.

    1.  Looks like they’re cheaper on other Amazon links as well, search for “butterfly clamp”. I think the same size as here is available from the office supply stores (OD/Staples) for $1.29. I say “think” because I’m not sure what size the author uses, he says he got the smallest he could find but they seems to only come in 2 sizes, large 12/pack ($1.29) and small 50/pack ($3)

      1.  The one linked to in the article seems to be the larger size.  I suspect all the cheaper ones on Amazon are of the smaller size and in any case, none of them seem to have a free shipping option (Prime or otherwise), so that’s a few dollars and days over and above the “go to the store” method.

  3. I can beat that; I got this bad boy for 29 cents at a thrift store. It’s got a dog on it.

    Prices have gone up, though – the last few thrift store money clips I’ve seen have been 79 or 99 cents (and they didn’t have dogs, though if I’m honest I’m a cat person – they didn’t have cats either).

    I’m willing to concede that there are advantages to the butterfly-style clips but I don’t keep cards and such in mine, just paper money.

  4. Binder clips are superior: they fit a wider range of thicknesses, don’t get bent out of shape, and don’t have sharp points to get caught in your pocket.

    1.  The bigger ones DO have those two sharp corners where the metal bends, so for a wallet, it’s best to go with the smallest clip you can get away with.  I scratched my seat through my back pocket with one of the big ones.  Now I use a smaller binder clip and carry only a few cards, ID and some cash.  Try to keep it all as lean as possible.

    2. i used the same medium binder clip starting in college.  it lasted 22 years before breaking.  i liked it because it was lean, industrial strength, but replaceable.  and yet a few years back it snapped out of my hand on a crowded bus, i couldn’t stand the idea of replacing it, and had to get on my hands and knees and crawl under annoyed commuters to get it back.

  5. While I can appreciate an appetite for minimalism. I don’t much care for single-purpose devices, and even if you don’t want to stick your cash in the multi-functional device known as a wallet, you can still go with something like this or this.

  6. Wallets are so funny. I’ve used binder clips, and they are great. I currently use a Dynomighty mini Mighty Wallet, and it is fantastic. Full-size Mighty Wallets are also grand. And, I have an Hermes men’s wallet sitting at home, getting very little love. Oh well! Expensive doesn’t always mean more useful, obviously.

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