I Love New York people censor I Coffee Cup New York logo, want to send them a bill


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  1. He should never have complied without a fight. Now his compliance appears to be an acknowledgement of wrongdoing, validating the trolls efforts to squeeze him for money.

  2. arthurknock says:

    I Swastika Empire State Development?

  3. Ted Lemon says:

    Everyman Espresso is one of the really great espresso shops in NYC.   Still, I doubt their income will cover a legal battle with the city.   This is really sickening.

  4. Xof says:

    Well, of course, they have to collect fees for the use of it to pay the enormous, crippling royalties they pay to the guy who originally came up with it… oh wait no he gave it to them for free. Never mind.

    • Gulliver says:

      Actually Milton Glaser did the design for free in part because he was led to believe that the campaign, begun in 1977, would only last a few months. Moral of the story: when the City cons people out of valuable IP, it’s a-ok, but when businesses use it for it’s legitimate purpose, the City shakes them down.

      I 卍 NY

  5. Steve White says:

    How about We Coffee Cup this City.
    on rock and roll.

  6. Joseph Francis says:

    “I Love Paris” is a popular song written by Cole Porter and published in 1953.

  7. apenzott says:

    Going after gross revenue is absurd, especially considering in the food business that there is very little money left at the end of the day.

    Perhaps, the shown books should show a negative amount by instigating a “promotion” where each revenue opportunity was “surrendered” to their preferred customers, eg “free cup of joe to anyone who brings their (censored) product for refill.”

    • Tribune says:

      sounds like they have merchandise left over with the logo – they should just submit that as payment.

  8. Tribune says:


  9. Chris Palmer says:

    I (will spend no $ in) NY.  

  10. Joseph Francis says:

    In Soviet Russia NY hearts U!

  11. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Trademark owners are obligated to fight to maintain exclusive control of their trademark or lose it under the law.  Still though, especially in light of their economic growth mission, they should’ve said “Stop using it until we work out an agreement where we license it to you for a nominal fee”.  This whole “fork over all your money!” demand smacks of a PR debacle for the state.

    Of course this all depends on whether they can claim ownership of all variations of “I ___ NY”.  A bit of a stretch I’d say.

    • dr_awkward says:

      Yeah, I recall a Far Side cartoon featuring Godzilla driving a car with an “I 8 NY” bumper sticker.

    • wygit says:

      But is the purpose of the Empire State Development agency to protect the license fees from the trademark, or to promote the city?
      If it’s the latter, doesn’t ANY use of “I heart NY” promote the city?

      …and of course on claiming ownership of all variations, it looks like that’s exactly what they’re doing.

    • Cory Doctorow says:

       No, they aren’t.

      They have lots of other options ( such as acknowledging that their mark doesn’t stretch to cover a coffee cup), up to an including sending the business a letter granting them permission. Both of those would have defended the I HEART NY trademark perfectly well.

  12. Sparrow says:

    The heart is no longer an accurate expression of my sentiments toward tourism in New York after reading about Empire State Development and the State Tourism Department’s actions. I offer this as an updated design. 


  13. David Rice says:


    Here’s the lawyer behind it. She’s not even based in NY!

  14. MollyMaguire says:

    I $ lawsuits

  15. Platos Cave says:

    Here’s the email I just sent to them:

    Your mission is to harass small business? IDIOTS!
    Just had to write after reading about how you are harassing a small business for using a variation of the “I Heart ____” meme with a coffee cup in place of the heart.How motherf*ing stupid are you people?If you had half a brain cell functioning you would use social media to PROMOTE the idea of MORE small businesses reinterpreting and reinforcing the “I Heart NY” concept.Truly, your stupidity and evil power trip bullying are mind boggling, you hands down win biggest a-holes of MAY 2013.

  16. Chongolio says:

    Kiss my (_*_) NY

  17. austinhamman says:

    why not put “I ☕ NY” i mean if you are gonna put “I ♥ NY”  might as well do the same for coffee

  18. social_maladroit says:

    Sam Penix, who co-owns Everyman

    Wasn’t he the guy responsible for that alternative operating system? You know, the one with the penguin logo?

  19. Chauncey Scott says:

    Has the whole world gone mad? – Raul Julia as Gomez Addams

  20. Deidzoeb says:

    Guess which of my body parts is going to send a cease&desist letter to Sam Penix for infringement?

    That’s right. Hand sounds pretty close to Sam. Too close!

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