Living-room pipe organ


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  1. bardfinn says:

    “… a series of staccato 64th notes …”
    A wonderful euphemism.

  2. Boundegar says:

    Some years back I lived near the former site of one of the nation’s last pipe organ factories. When they went out of business, a German pastor I know raided their supplies and built himself a pipe organ in his home. I didn’t see it being built, but I heard it being played!

  3. dirtyarticle says:

    Living Room Pipe Organ sounds like a very specialised porn search ;^) 

  4. Benjamin Young says:

    Doesn’t D.E. Knuth have a living-room pipe organ, too?

  5. In college I knew someone whose parents had more or less built their house around a former theater pipe organ.

  6. The Harpsichord Clearing House usually has a few for sale at any one time:

    I’d love a little eight foot chamber organ, but even the cheapest are pretty costly.

  7. medontlivenoprahsworld says:

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what is an “OG-maker”?

    • Nora Sawyer says:

       I meant OG in the colloquial sense, in that that my father’s maker skills are so above par that, as the nice man from Law and Order would say, ‘when it comes to game he is atomic.’

  8. vrplumber says:

    Next up, the kitchen as a massive ukulele.

  9. mindfu says:

    Wife of the year.

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