Missing man walks into TV news shot

A TV news station in Portland, Maine was preparing to report on a man with dementia who had been missing when the fellow walked up behind the reporter. "Elderly Man With Dementia Goes Missing in Maine, Found by Local News Crew"


  1. That few seconds of him walking up behind the correspondent is just about the best reason the internet exists at all.

  2. First thing he says to the reporter is “Don’t put me in the paper.”

    The reaction of the reporter as Bob walks past is priceless… his brow furrowing, his eyes darting between the camera, cameraman, and Bob… then craning his neck…. just classic.

  3. It might have been a coincidence, but it looks like the spot in the news crew picked was standing in front of Bob’s home.  Who wouldda thunk he’d show up there?

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