3D printed, 28-geared cube gets motorized, additional awesome

Alex sez, "You recently did a blog post of a 3D printed cube with 28 gears which was 3d printed fully assembled -- which I designed. However since this post, the cube has improved greatly, lubricated with a PTFE lubricant; I have also created a motor attachment to allow the geared cube to run autonomously.

Steampunk themed 28-Geared Cube (Thanks, Alex!)


  1. For it to be proper steampunk, white plastic just won’t do. The gears should be carved from mammoth ivory, and the motor should be a steam engine.

  2. every time you post something about 3d printing its something pointless, even though there are people out there on thingverse like the user robohand, who developed a complete set of mechanical anatomically driven fingers for people with amniotic band syndrome. this is a condition where the fingers on one of your hands are missing. it shows the amazing potential for 3d printing, being able to help people. this is like a million times more amazing than another printed gun
    please, you have to feature this project in one of your posts, the video on the project page moved me to tears. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:44150

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