Arms folded: a study in local reportage


9 Responses to “Arms folded: a study in local reportage”

  1. Lemoutan says:

    If the alternative is Jazz Hands, I’m kinda inclined to go with the foldies.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Most of those people just look spaced out.

    • brian whittle says:

       The Brit photographers   must be running some sort contest for the best worse photo, lots of pointing  and glum expressions

      • Alistair Coleman says:

         I run the Angry People blog, and YES, some photographers (and their editors) now submit their own work

  2. Monty Tayloe says:

    Newspaper photographers HATE posing people, and they usually don’t do it. Believe me, it’s the subjects who are posing unimaginatively.

  3. Martha Bridegam says:

    See also San Francisco Chronicle columnist CW Nevius, e.g.:

  4. Lemoutan says:

    Is “Arms folded” one of those Tamarian phrases? I hope Jalad, nose in air, did not fall out with Darmok.

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