British Telecom quits Yahoo!

Britain's largest ISP, British Telecom, has ragequit Yahoo! after learning that the internet giant had bought beloved microblogging site Tumblr. Just kidding! It's actually sick of its customers' Yahoo-provided email accounts getting hacked. [Telegraph]


  1. Does anyone know exactly what happens when one of these “hacks” takes place? It seems like its *always* a yahoo mail account that sends out those one-line spam blasts with the link to some random webpage somewhere, with no other text accompanying it. 

    I gather the account been “hacked”, but how exactly? And why is it always being exploited in the same exact way?

    And how on earth has Yahoo not fixed this already?

    1. It could be that the reason Yahoo accounts are the ones used is not so much that they’re easier to hack, but that they’re easier to take advantage of once hacked.

      One of the common ways accounts get hacked is simply that users hand over their password, falling for a phishing scam – there’s nothing about it that’s technically specific to a particular email provider.  But, for example, Google is apparently much better than average at catching and stopping spam runs off their accounts, locking them out, and reverting the attacker’s attempts to keep the legitimate account holder out of their email.  Maybe Yahoo is worse than average at some or all of those things.

      1. You certainly might be right, but the fact that its almost always Yahoo accounts that get hacked, and that its always these one-off email blasts makes me think its not people gaining control over the entire account, but just the contacts list. I’m thinking it must be something goofy like a browser-based vulnerability where a malicious webpage (like the ones linked to in the spam blasts) can download your Yahoo contacts list or something ridiculous like that. 
        There’s surprisingly little attention paid to the fact that this vulnerability almost exclusively affects Yahoo Mail though, at least in my experience. And its affected Yahoo Mail for a really really long time now.

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