DIY crosswalk painter arrested


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  1. ocschwar says:

    Felony? Even a gang sign should just be a misdemeanor. Felony designation is more inflated than grades at Brown University. 

  2. donovan acree says:

    $1000 to repair the ‘damage’? That’s either expensive flat black paint, overpaid painters, or both. I’d like to submit myself for that job. I’ll do it for $900.

  3. LogrusZed says:

    where are the felony arrests for the rich assholes who put up false signage about beach access? Oh, right, I answered my own question with that word that came before “assholes”.

  4. Joseph Francis says:

    At 0:18 she is the only person I have ever heard pronounce ‘short lived’ correctly, with a long i.

  5. LydiRae says:

    We had some shennanigans in this area with some unauthorized speed bumps, but nobody was ever charged with felony vandalism. Way to make the news, Vallejo.

  6. jimh says:

    In SF more than a year ago, we had a lane on Oak Street at Divisidero that was guerrilla painted overnight into a “Bikes Only” lane. It lasted a few days, but was largely ignored by cars during the morning commute, because it was not quite official-looking. Now, the City has narrowed all the lanes and created the Bike Only lane for realz.

  7. Andy Kerr says:

    Around here, a guy was going from town to town, painting the curbs yellow at the corners, and submitting the bill to the town. More often that not, he got paid, with the bureaucracy assuming someone else had ordered it.

  8. Atomicpanda says:

    Felony vandalism for painting in the lines of a crosswalk that legally already exists. Every corner is a crosswalk unless crossing is forbidden. Both the video and Google street view show no signs prohibiting crossing. So a crosswalk legally exists where this guy painted one. So, it’s not like he was painting something to change the rules of the road. Felony vandalism seems a bit extreme considering. 

    • CLamb says:

       Yeah, there are even handicap ramps in the curb.

    • Jeffrey Baker says:

      Came here to say this.  It’s a common misconception (made by car-only, never-walking people) that only striped crosswalks are legal.  A crosswalk exists on all sides of  the intersection of any two streets, except where one street is an alley.  Striped crosswalks are supposed to be reserved for non-corner crossings (midblock, or where the streets don’t meet at right angles) but as part of the escalating war against humans, the cars have started striping every damn crosswalk, or putting blinking lights on them.  Now people think the blinking lights and zebra stripes define the crosswalk, but they are wrong (in California).

      • Brainspore says:

        Marking a crosswalk doesn’t necessarily make it safer, however. In some circumstances it just creates a false sense of security for the pedestrian whether they have the legal right-of-way or no.

      • L_Mariachi says:

        If you hit the pedestrian hard enough, he won’t be in the crosswalk any more regardless. Problem solved.

  9. crenquis says:

    Heck, CalTrans actually saw the utility of Richard Akrom’s guerrilla signage…

    freeway signs

  10. Alan Olsen says:

    Confronting authority is ALWAYS a felony these days.

  11. Ronald Pottol says:

    But painting it makes it more dangerous. There have been studies, it would seem that they are more visible to pedestrians than the sort of people who run over pedestrians, so he made things more dangerous. As has been pointed out, there is a legal cross walk at every intersection in California, paint or no. 

  12. blendergasket says:

    The Govt bureaucracy needs to stop playing Jenga against itself.

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