Final scene from Black Orpheus

Watching the video about Luiz, the adorable boy who explained why he didn't want to eat octopus, gave me the same feeling as the beautiful ending of Black Orpheus, which is one of the best movie endings ever. It's not really a spoiler either, so enjoy it then watch the entire movie when you can.


    1.  I like the film, but I don’t find it hard to sympathize with Obama’s somewhat cool reaction to it. The description of the favelas, which were places with many hard-working people and some hardship as a never-never land of singing black people does tell us something about Vinicius de Moraes – like “white” and “privileged”.

      1. Yes. It’s an excellent translation of the myth of Orpheus into another culture; except that that culture is nothing like that.

    2. Yeah, a lot of white folks do love some happy go lucky, singin and dancin black folks from time to time.

      Thanks for the excerpt, nice to revisit that. If only Obama had lived up to the promise I saw in that book.

  1. If I recall correctly that’s “Scene Du Lever Du Soleil” by Antonio Carlos Jobim…who may have contributed to the Muzak of your youth but his oeuvre is so much more…

    1.  Part of it is, but I part of it is “Samba de Orfeu” by Luis Bonfá. Another unforgettable song.

  2. Ha–what a fun co-incidence: I was just working out this same tune on pedal steel guitar for gig tomorrow! 

    Here, I’ll get you started (bossa nova) :

    A- /  B-7b5    E7b9 / A- / B-7b5  E7b9  / A-  / D-7  G7 / CMAJ7  / C#0  A- 7 b5…

  3. To me the most powerful scene was the journey to the Underworld translated into a Vodou ritual.  That, I thought, was an excellent example of taking a myth and transforming it to suit a different culture.

  4. if im not mistaken, that adorable boy is dancing around and playing the guitar without a guitar strap or any real way to support the guitar while dancing around and playing. i may be wrong, and you may not care, but unreal gaiety just falls a bit flat for me.

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