Star Wars logo history

StarwwwlogoOver at Tenth Letter of the Alphabet, a fascinating history of the Star Wars logo. Above left, a decal created during the film's pre-production, to be used on film cans and other early materials. "This was how we first pictured Han Solo," production designer and artist Ralph McQuarrie explained in The Star Wars Scrapbook: The Essential Collection. "It could be a sort of Luke character, but I think it’s more like Han. Anyway, George decided that Han Solo should be a more relaxed character, and his costume was changed. But this decal was designed before the change.” Above right, the early corporate letterhead after "The" was dropped. The lettering, based on the Precis font, was by concept artist and SFX tech Joe Johnston. "Anatomy of a Logo: Star Wars"


  1. Actually, George Lucas planned the logo changes from the very beginning, including the new logo that Disney creates for the upcoming movie releases.

  2. Interesting how all of the alternate designs feel dated (not in a bad way, I think they’re pretty great), but the final logo as used feels relatively timeless (though one of the examples is a 90’s VHS cover which uses the same logo but somehow 90’s-ized). On purpose, obviously. It’s very well designed.

  3. Fascinating. Another thing. I remember that in the children’s section of the library I frequented the year Star Wars came out (I turned 4 in the summer of 1977, so this is digging into my earliest memories) they had a bunch of the concept art from SW up on the walls and end-caps of the shelves. And I distinctly remember scenes — probably of the Death Star interior — where the Storm Troopers were all walking around with light sabers. 

    Goes to show how far afield the concepts were, before they gelled into what we all know them as now.

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