The Ur Roomba (1959)

From Shorpy: "Anne Anderson in Whirlpool 'Miracle Kitchen of the Future,' a display at the American National Exhibition in Moscow." Kodachrome by Bob Lerner for the Look magazine article "What the Russians Will See."


  1. Reminds me of something from Descent II: The Infinite Abyss, except there they swarm and shoot back at you.

  2. Old Ur-Roomba trundled past
    In vain it tried, for every time
    The wall was found it swiveled,
    Struck with resolute design:
    To vacuum up the sands of time

  3. I was watching the (fantastic) documentary on the Eames on Netflix recently, and noticed this thing and thought, How funny — a proto-Roomba. The Eames couple were at the heart of the films shown to Russians during the cold-war cultural/technological exchange that (I believe) led to some of this footage/imagery.

    1. I have a lot of mid-century furniture.  I had a Roomba for a couple of weeks.  Turns out that it just rides ride up the legs of much of the furniture and gets stuck.  Barcelona chairs, Tulip chairs, Rowland chairs, Eames Herman Miller table, Kagan coffee table — all Roomba traps.

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