Guide to making magic toys (1902)

John sez, "The Falvey Library at Villanova University has just digitized a turn of the century guide to mechanical toys and small automata. They've been digitizing a lot of very interesting material--see more here."

How to make magic toys : containing full directions for making magic toys and devices of many kinds / by A. Anderson (Thanks, John!)


  1. That first paragraph in the picture… I think I prefer the wood on my crotch to stay the way it is, thank you very much.

    1.  i don’t know…painting a face on the head of the wood in your crotch is a classic gag.  way better then the hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket trick.

  2. As a kid I used to pour through the books in the 793.8 section of every library I visited, and I feel like I’ve seen this book before. Interesting.

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