Oculus Rift founder dies in accident

Andrew Scott Reisse, one of the founding developers behind the incredible Oculus Rift virtual reality headset was hit by a car while walking yesterday. The car was being pursued by police, and struck two other cars before running a red light and hitting Reisse. Reisse was pronounced dead at the scene. [ABC Local]


  1. This is upsetting because I was following the project, and Andrew featured strongly throughout. He was like an important character in the story – crucial to the plot – who dies before you’re ready to accept it. It’s like George RR Martin wrote this.

      1. If fictional death were incomparable to real life, we would never read fiction. I get what you’re sayin though, because it’s normally a relief to know that ficional tragedies aren’t real.

  2. Fleeing from police, guy way killed from negligent homicidal behaviour. Less accident.

    It’s a shame.

    1. I get what you’re trying to say but your version of the headline doesn’t even begin to make sense. If it’s the inclusion of the word “accident” that offends you then might I suggest:

      “Oculus Rift founder killed by motorist fleeing police.”

    1. it’s true. all we need is a comprehensive network of surveillance cameras and mandatory tracking devices and we can do away with such barbarity.

      1. Officers just need to make a “mental note” of crime, then they could spend all their time fighting poverty.

      2.  Cars have license plates. Cops have radios. There is no police car as fast as a radio signal.
        Car chases were rendered obsolete more than 40 years ago.
        “Intercept” != “Chase”.

        1. a hippie friend of mine made his way across the country spending almost nothing on gas through the clever expedient of “accidentally” having a blanket dangle out of the trunk and obscure the plate when he pulled into the station.

    2. “When officers went to investigate, there was a physical altercation between police and 26-year-old Gerardo Diego Ayala that ended with a fatal officer-involved shooting.”

      “Investigators allege 21-year-old Victor Sanchez and two other suspects then took off in a Dodge Charger. ”

      I’d say when a shooting is involved you probably don’t want to just let them go and hope to find them later.  Plus it was the suspects who took off first, let the blame fall on them.

      1. I’d say when a shooting is involved you probably don’t want to just let them go and hope to find them later.

        You know how police aren’t supposed to just fire into a crowd because there’s a murderer standing in it? Extrapolate.

        1.  You are comparing shooting into a crowd with chasing someone?  Bit of a reach.

          1. Please compare number of deaths from guns and number of deaths from speeding cars.

    3.  Yeah, right.  Another liberal loon. 

      Let em go….  all the crooks out there, running from the cops.  Just let ’em go, so they can keep maiming and killing more people in their criminal activities.  No need to chase ’em down and put ’em away.  Right.

  3. But everyone would be complaining if the police weren’t chasing crooks, therefore making crooks feel they had better chance of getting away with their crimes so committing more with greater ease. The police are not the cause of this. The crooks are the guys driving the car in front. If a chase was going on I would be surprised if they didn’t have blues and twos on, perhaps if people responded to the sirens as a warning something is happening keep clear of the road areas, it might not have happened.

    1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that police chases are never justified, but there should be more accountability and emphasis on the potential cost/benefit of any individual chase. Letting someone escape punishment for a moving violation is often a better option than the public danger posed by a high-speed pursuit.

      1. True, but to be fair to the police, in this case the suspect was fleeing from the scene of a crime, where there’d already been a fight with police that involved a fatal shooting.  It wasn’t exactly a random traffic stop.

        (It might turn out, of course, that the officer had no business using his firearm, but even with modern police I won’t make assumptions until we know more.)

    2. But everyone would be complaining if the police weren’t chasing crooks

      Quite a few civilized countries don’t allow their police to get into car chases for this very reason.

      1. What, sensible countries? I don’t believe you.

        … no really, I’d be obliged if you’d elaborate on that, because I genuinely didn’t know that and find it quite interesting. I’m having trouble finding info on this.

        1. Police car chases are exceedingly rare in Norway as well, and tend to be restricted to disabling motorists who are already endangering others.

          Of course Norway has the kind of respect for human dignity that leads to the government feeling a responsibility to give people more meaningful avenues for their lives than crime, too, which decreases the frequency and severity of crime to the point where direct comparisons might be less than perfectly useful.

    3. “Authorities say the incident began when officers saw two vehicles full of people involved in some type of criminal activity”

      I like how the police weren’t even investigating a specific crime when they decided to introduce themselves to  the situation – just general nebulous criminalish activity will suffice.

      1.  Oh give us a break. This is the internet. He regularly does this – just make up shit.

        See what I did there?

  4. I don’t know Mr. Reisse, and I only follow Oculus with mild interest (don’t get me wrong, what they’re doing is flat out incredible, my interest is piqued but mild), however this made me incredibly sad to read about this morning. The random senselessness, the optimism I see in Oculus/Palmer Luckey’s interviews & videos, the fact that these are just innocent geeks who have this kind of reality smashing in on them uninvited. I feel for them. Psychic hugs and good vibes and all that stuff. 

  5. Based upon the report I’d say that Mr. Reisse was more collateral damage in the War on Drugs.  /sigh

  6. The conspiracy-minded will inevitably recall that Gunpei Yokoi, inventor of the Virtual Boy, also died well before his time in a car accident.

  7. I came upon a corpse in the street while riding my bike – it was under sheet and in one of those bizarre aftermath snapshots, there was not another person or vehicle in sight. She’s stepped off the curb and been hit by a fleeing car going the wrong way in the bus lane of a one way street.


  8. Sad news. Unlike a previous commenter, I would go so far as to say high speed  police chases are never justified. 

    1. Except to disable motorists who already are posing a grave threat to others.

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