Yes, you can haz Caturday: 10 cute weekend cat photos shared by Boing Boing readers

1. "Almost," by John Gale.

It's Caturday, folks. A great reason to dip into the Boing Boing Flickr pool and check out some of the best cat photos shared by Boing Boing readers.

We do this semi-regularly around here; if you'd like to contribute your own for a future post, just add your cute cat photos to the pool and tag 'em "Caturday."

2. "Waitrez, One Caturday plz," by Photo Toxa.

3. "Caturday Night," by Lepley.

4. "High 5ive," by Muaz.

5. "Luka-Lulu," by Tom Giebel.

6. "Mr. Wobbles," by Tamara.

7. "Kitten Mask Replica," by Tau Zero.

8. "Tired Yoko," by Matt Despres.

9. "Still Life With Orange Cat and Remote," by Barbara Wells.

10. "Cat-arsis," by Calimecita