Yes, you can haz Caturday: 10 cute weekend cat photos shared by Boing Boing readers

1. "Almost," by John Gale.

It's Caturday, folks. A great reason to dip into the Boing Boing Flickr pool and check out some of the best cat photos shared by Boing Boing readers.

We do this semi-regularly around here; if you'd like to contribute your own for a future post, just add your cute cat photos to the pool and tag 'em "Caturday."

2. "Waitrez, One Caturday plz," by Photo Toxa.

3. "Caturday Night," by Lepley.

4. "High 5ive," by Muaz.

5. "Luka-Lulu," by Tom Giebel.

6. "Mr. Wobbles," by Tamara.

7. "Kitten Mask Replica," by Tau Zero.

8. "Tired Yoko," by Matt Despres.

9. "Still Life With Orange Cat and Remote," by Barbara Wells.

10. "Cat-arsis," by Calimecita


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    1. Are you applying to be a pet troll? We could make Tuesday into Trollsday, if that’s convenient for you.

      1. Equal opportunity is not just for humans. How about a cute snake day. Or sheep. Or fish. But if you need a shot of me being a troll I will post one on Trollsday.

        1.  How do you get cat=vermin?  I understand that many don’t like the critters, but, vermin?  Cats are predators, they EAT vermin.  Goat, sheep, fisherday would all be cool with me.  But don’t mis-categorize some creatures just because you don’t like them.

          1. By definition we are all vermin. And I like cats. They are the popular kids. I just want to stand up for the animals who don’t get preferential treatment. 

      2. Personally, I think we should alternate Saturdays between Caturday and Spiderday.

    2.  Ya know, if you’re a cat hater I’m sure that we can persuade boingboing to agree to not tie you up and force you to read Caturday, deal?

  1. #1 & #8: Look at those maws of death! The cats are still cute though. I just hope I never get shrunken down to the size of a squirrel.

    1. There are only two things keeping you from being considered food by cats. First, you are significantly larger than they are. Second, you are still moving. Change one of those variables and it’s lunchtime for “Kitty.” 

  2. I could make G3 happy and post some photos of the houseflies that were buzzing around the house a few days ago, but our Siamese caught and ate them all before I thought to get the camera.

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