Protester kicking away teargas cannister

From OccupyGeziPics: an uncredited photo of a woman in at the Turkish anti-government/pro-democracy protests kicking away a tear-gas cannister. It's an amazing shot -- like something out of a Banksy stencil come to life. Do you know who took it?

A young woman kicks back the tear gas.


  1. For some reason, most of yesterday’s articles had “Turkey Police” in the headline. My inner-teenager was amused.

  2. That shot would have made an awesome album cover back when we bought albums for their cover art.  Quadrophenia – esque.

  3. She’s Dancing! It’s the newest craze, seen in clubs and homes, but especially on the streets everywhere!

    Its called the Resistanbul!

  4. Pro Tip:  if you’re going to do this, wear something more substantial than flipflops on your feet.  

    1. And going along with Tribune above, that’s right nice attire to be wearing at a protest.  Considering one might need to make a hasty get away or be in a brawl with police it would seem like something more comfortable/utilitarian would be better suited here.

      1. I see it as indication that people going about their daily lives, unprepared specifically for political demonstrations, have joined the demonstration.

    2. Why aren’t lacrosse sticks standard issue at protests? it seems like there would be a number of occasions where you could use one.

      1. I’m thinking a jai alai scoop would be enough, and would be easier to stash in a backpack. Though a LaCrosse stick basket with a 1/4×10 screw mount to monopod could be easier…

        1. I was thinking of something along the lines of a lacrosse stick with a retractable handle. Shame they’re not permitted in the rules of the game…

      2. I’m not sure how hot those canisters get, I was thinking a good ice hockey stick, they’ve got a larger striking surface than a regular hockey stick

        1. Or a ice hockey goalie’s stick, if you’re seriously interested in lots of surface area.  How easy is it to find hockey gear in Turkey, anyway?

  5. Is it clear that all those protesting wouldn’t rather have her in burka, (as she bravely kicks away the can of one sort of authoritarianism)?  we can hope not.

    1. ??

      I thought the protests are largely motivated against the increasingly Islamist policies of the current central government.

      1. That’s the predominant initial story in the western media, and i’m all for: “here’s hope’n!”. but, there are alternate versions (“planted!!” …maybe) that some of the protesters are organized via external groups with religious affiliations (example article …also consider reading a bit around )

        revolutions tend to have their good intention instigators gobbled-up by an extremist faction which is waiting quietly in the wings.   -sigh-

    2.  No, dummy, the protesters are secularists.  The Turkish government is moderate Islamic.

      1. I think you are right, it still is an amazing picture. Unfortunately the protests are still going on and hundreds of people are being tear gassed. I was able to find an article that helps with the burning of tear gas in your eyes and face: The number 1 tip I  gathered is to not rub your skin if you are hit by the tear gas, as that will make it worse. Sounds like painful stuff, who thinks the Turkish police need a taste of their own medicine?

    1.  Ah, I didn’t realise that her right foot is in fact in Above and in Front of the canister, not behind it

  6. That might be the most inspiring photo I’ve ever seen.

    If people that are dressed like that are on this side of the riot line, the revolution can’t be too far off…

  7. The current government IS democratically elected. They have withstood attempts by the military to circumvent democracy.. this is as democratic as it gets in Turkey.

  8. She might be not properly dressed for a protest, because this all started and aimed to be continue as a -peaceful- act. However, with the provacateurs and use of excessive force of the police, things are getting out of the rail. We all wanted a peaceful demonstration, it is turning into project mayhem. Sadly, directed by the minor self-thinking groups and undercover police.

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