"Riot" at kindergarten graduation

A brawl erupted at a kindergarten graduation in Cleveland on Friday, leading to eight arrests. It seems that two teens started the fisticuffs, and then some adults joined the fray. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "eventual charges could include aggravated rioting." None of the graduates were taken into custody.


  1. I was really hoping to read that it was the graduating class that did the rioting. That would’ve been really awesome: “WHAT DO WE WANT? NO MORE NAPTIME! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NEVER!”

  2. Well thankfully that happened in the heartland of America, where common sense and “love thy neighbor” attitudes prevail, not like in those inner city areas with, well, you know… people that aren’t like us…

    1. For what it is worth, see the school’s stats: http://www.zillow.com/cleveland-oh/schools/michael-r-white-elementary-school-59902/  

      1. Oh, oops.  ; )

        I lived in Columbus for about seven years and that’s Ohio for me – suburbia and not much else.

        1. Having spent some time in Columbus myself, I can see how you might get that impression. (I did my undergrad degree about an hour north and my sister is a librarian in the Columbus area.)

          1. Columbus is a really nice town, it doesn’t get nearly the recognition it deserves… which may be a good thing. The only two things I didn’t like about it were snow and the lack of an ocean.

    2. Since when is Cleveland not an urban area? I don’t entirely understand what you’re saying, or which way your sarcasm is cutting.

  3. Maybe they were angry over what a mediocre non-event kindergarten “graduation” is.

    1. A year of school may not seem like much to you, but for a five-year-old it represents 20% of their entire lives to that point. 

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