Today: SFMOMA's farewell procession, co-presented by Boing Boing


2 Responses to “Today: SFMOMA's farewell procession, co-presented by Boing Boing”

  1. barracuda says:

    Painful? Completely closing the only modern art museum in the bay area for three years is a terrible idea. It really feels like we’re living in a third-class environment. Not sure why I’d want to celebrate having to fly to Los Angeles to show my child a decent Leon Golub painting, or a Phillip Guston, or an Eva Hesse, or or or…
    I sure hope the half a billion dollars winds up better spent than the Academy of Science compound. Worst vanity museum I’ve ever been to – all pretty architecture, no displays.Oh, I forgot, we can go see a bunch of Mark di Suveros rusting in Crissy Field instead of a museum. Can’t wait for that joyfulness. De Young, here we come.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      If it’s any consolation, the Palm Springs Art Museum, which has been struggling to survive for about a decade, once refused the Annenberg Collection and an endowment to get it housed.

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