Deluxe hardcover of Watchmen

The new Deluxe Edition of Watchmen landed in my post-box today. It's a very well-made hardcover edition of one of the canonical modern graphic novels. Everyone should have at least one edition of Watchmen on the shelf, and this is a pretty nice one to have -- the classy, matte-finish dustjacket goes over a set of full-color boards with the traditional Watchmen cover-image. There's a couple dozen pages' worth of early sketches for the book, and a fascinating intro by illustrator Dave Gibbons. All told, a great package -- perfect for a gift, or to replace your tattered paperback.

Watchmen Deluxe Edition


  1. At least it’s not as bad as the V For Vendetta hardcover that was sent to Alan Moore without proofreading. There was a big line from the comic (which I can’t remember now) that was only half-quoted. Moore picked up his box of comps and threw them into the bin, he was so angry. (Then again, I doubt he’ll even look at these.)

  2. I have the “Absolute” version of Watchmen.  Does this new edition beat it out for awesome in some way?  Anyone know the differences?

  3. I still have the original comics. 

    It is one thing to pick up this series as the tomb that’s been all bound together. it tells you by it’s weight and mass that you’re in for a read. And another when it came out and looked like just another comic book series. (Albeit with way better covers.) It was no larger than your regular super hero comic – but so dense and packed with reading that you could spend hours pouring over each issue. 

    I remember reading it the first time and just ignoring all the newspaper articles and back stories and the second comic-in-a-comic bits until I had at least made it through the issue. Then I’d go back and re-read it with all that supporting material. It was like nothing else. 

  4. Sometimes I wish graphic novels were published more often in cheap editions with thin, phone-book quality paper, much like the giant Japanese manga volumes.  Then they would actually be affordable, and I wouldn’t have to panic about something terrible happening to a horrendously expensive volume.

    1. Alan Moore is not an “enemy of Occupy.” In fact, he & David Lloyd have a new V For Vendetta story in OCCUPY COMICS, which just came out. (And lest you think that’s a crass cash-in à la DC’s new series THE MOVEMENT, a portion of the profits actually goes to Occupy.) Furthermore, every time DC puts WATCHMEN back in print, they reset the clock on when the rights to the book would revert to Moore & Gibbons, which they will never allow to happen even if every man, woman & child on Earth has enough copies with which to build a modest house. Boycotting this HELPS Alan Moore, not hurts him. By all means, do.

  5. It’s worth noting that this hardcover comes out as the Before Watchmen series–a collection of prequels to the original book by various writers and artists, done very much in spite of Moore’s disapproval of the project–is wrapping up. (Lots of comics fanboys got their collective dander up over Moore’s statements, which died down somewhat when they saw what was actually being produced; the contributions by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner were probably the best-appreciated of them.) The content of this edition, except for the new foreword by Gibbons, sounds very much like the slipcased edition that came out in the late 80s from Graphitti. 

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