OccupyGezi: the People's Bulldozer

Two photos from the OccupyGeziPics Tumblr show the "people's bulldozer" in action -- apparently a mechanical digger commandeered off a building site by protesters in Besiktas (one of my Twitter followers reports a rumor that it was a youth gang, and not portesters, though of course, youth gangs may be protesting too), and used to attack police barricades.


    1.  No, it should be “Allegedly Stolen Excavator”, for those who value petty accuracy over poetic charm.

    1. I agree with you in spirit and in fact. 
      In the Egyptian revolution, the Ultras were the vanguard of the protests in Tahrir. They were the ones throwing themselves at the barricades and getting into scuffles with the police. The protest groups saw their confrontational attitude with police, honed from many, many games of football, as being essential to the success of the Tahrir actions. 

      I know that Cory is trying to be accurate here, but in doing so, he’s molding his language to that of the classes the protesters are fighting. To the Turkish government, anyone engaged in protesting is a youth gang.

  1. so what would happen if protesters in  Occupy Nyc or any other Occupy  took a bulldozer to move police 
    would the media call them protesters or just criminals after the police shoot them ? 

    1. the occupy people are called criminals by the media without the need to do anything.

  2.  I think you know the answer to the question.   The more interesting question is what would YOU call them…. and even more interesting, how would you convince anyone otherwise?

  3. I learned some important lessons about the role of social media and uprisings this weekend. Social media users are – too often – alarmists. Exaggeration and glaring errors are inevitable. I’m not surprised – I’m not that naive – but I’m struck by the degree that this phenomenon is present, even in otherwise thinking, educated people.This is NOT ARAB SPRING. Turkey is not Egypt or Iran. Recommend this podcast for an excellent analysis of what is happening, http://www.3quarksdaily.com/3quarksdaily/2013/06/on-the-turmoil-in-turkey.htmlDon’t write Turkey off just yet. It’s geographic location is unfortunate. It has few natural resources. And yet… Istanbul is one of the loveliest cities – on par with London or Paris – that i have ever visited. Culturally, it sits on top of the heap… embracing the old and driving the future at the same time. Were it not for the language, I’d consider moving there.

    1. I keep seeing “THIS IS NOT ARAB SPRING” in comments whenever Arab Spring is even mentioned (and in some cases even when it’s not.) Is the objection that Turkey is not an Arab country, or that these protests are not at all informed by the Arab Spring zeitgeist?

  4. excavator, technically.

    bulldozer – big blade on front for pushing things out of the way, sometimes grading as it goes.

    excavator, usually articulated bucket for scooping and digging. but can have other attachments, like claws to rip out trees or tear apart buildings.

      1. Yeah, MikeB, you take your fancy facts and get out of here. The last thing anyone wants is to see is accurate statements on the internet.

        1. “A 60′ blue eagle grabbed my 2012 Honda Civic and flew away with it!”
          “No, it was 54′, and is was cyan, and it was a 2011 Honda.”

    1. And while an excavator is impressive it’s not as defense proof as a bulldozer.  Cut/puncture anyone of the hydraulic lines that run from the boom to the bucket cylinder on top of the arm and it’ll empty out all its fluid in a matter of minutes. Considering the entire thing is driven on hydraulic pressure it’ll be dead in the water.

      1. Better get it right first time though, cos if you cut or puncture a human with a {insert construction vehicle], they’ll empty out canny fast as well…

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