Prints of classic "The Land of Make Believe Map"

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Zack sez, "Photographer Allan Rosen-Ducat is reproducing 'The Land of Make Believe,' a popular illustrated map by Jaro Hess that combines more than 50 classic fairy tales, nursery rhymes and more that was highly popular around the time of the Great Depression. The company sells prints of the map, and recent advancements have let them print it on glass and other objects."

"The Land of Make Believe Map", A compilation of western society's most famous fairy tales. (Thanks, Zack!)


  1. It’s so cool to see this here! I have a framed original hanging on my wall – passed down to my girlfriend by her grandmother who grew up in Michigan.

  2. So in this version (newer than the one I briefly possessed in the eighties, a legacy from the 60s or earlier) the Wandering Jew has been changed to the Wanderer. Figure lower right, above the clump of trees. Who’s the Wanderer supposed to be? And what was wrong with the Wandering Jew?

  3. I had an even “newer” one growing up, I think from the early 90s that had even more characters. It was called “the land of dreams and magic” I wish I could find a print

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