Horska: Gypsophilia mixes ska and klezmer


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  1. Mike O'Connell says:

    Try Devotchka. Much more powerful live due to ample pageantry, but lots of klezmer and other influences.

  2. rocketpj says:

    I love the video, but I have a weakness for stop motion. 

  3. jsco says:

    also try: http://www.gagadilo.org/
    more ska than gypsy, but it’s REALLY good.

  4. -hms- says:

    Lede heaaavily buried here, in my opinion. The headline should have been: Most Oscar-worthy Animated Short You’ve Seen in a While also Has a Pretty Darn Good Soundtrack. 

  5. Charlie McHenry says:

    It’s so counter-intuitive to entertain the notion of Gypsy/Roma music co-existing with Klezmer. The two are not generally associated. In true Gypsy music (excluding Flamenco & Django’s cool jazz), the trumpet or brass band is often the centerpiece. Not the Clarinet and it’s woodwind sound. I’m more comfortable with the Mexican Sonora Balkanaria fusion of Gypsy tunes with traditional Mexican brass than the notion of a Klezmer/Gypsy mix. 

  6. Russell Letson says:

    Don’t know about intuitions, counter or otherwise, but what I’ve read about the klezmer says that its European roots include strong connections with Roma music–partly thanks to the fact that both Jews and Roma were outsiders in the majority cultures in which they were embedded. For example, Henry Sapozinik (in Klezmer!, p. 6) writes that this was the “richest interaction” in klezmer’s various connections with non-Jewish traditions. Instruments featured in both traditions also cross back and forth: hammered dulcimer (tsimbl, fiddle, clarinet, various brass), and Sapoznik points out that service in 19th-century czarist military bands helped introduce brass into previously string-dominated klezmer ensembles.

    And just a niggle: Django’s band was the Quintette of the HOT Club of France and dedicated to playing le jazz hot.

  7. Russell Letson says:

    By the way, anyone who enjoys Gypsophilia might also check out two other international-mashup bands: 3 Leg Torso and Fishtank Ensemble.

  8. phuzz says:

    If you like this, may I humbly suggest Melt Yourself Down. Similar but heavier :)
    Going to see them next week in bristol, can’t wait!

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