Plants vs Zombies 2 - fun trailer

I wish Plants vs Zombies 2 really looked like this! It's coming out exclusively on iOS in July.


    1. Yeah… eat a poo donut EA. I was psyched for Simcity 5 and then you fucked it up. I liked tapped out, but again you made Android users wait and our version wasn’t as full-featured.

      *puts hand on copy of Origin of Species*

      “I pledge to help myself to every single one of EA’s shit games for free for the rest of my life, guilt free”

      I was actually considering BUYING #2 since I loved #1 so much but there goes that plan. Ima wait for the hacked apk that will give you unlimited ingame whatevers like you could get for $ and donuts in tapped out.

    2. In all seriousness, iOS and Objective C are a far easier platform to develop for than Android and Dalvik. Pop Cap has more experience with iOS, so it’s only natural that they can get it done there first, and not really know when they can release the Android version.

      1.  there is no reason why that wouldn’t build to Android, Window, Mac OSX, Linux or any other platform on the planet.
        The only thing that would be marginally difficult is porting it to a console, which will require working in a controller interface.

        And PopCap has far less experience with iOS then it does with PC.

        1. I think you’re confusing their experience with Flash with native Windows programming. PopCap started off making Flash games, but that platform is no longer what it was.

  1. It is also going to be Free to Pay… er Play.

    But if the first one was any indication, it will be coming out on every OS ever a few months after launch.

  2. lol, iOS only = no download from me. I suppose there might be some technical reason for this – maybe they developed for iOS first or something and want to capitalize on it before they get the other platforms’ code sussed out.

    … I still think it’s shitty as all fuck. Release for everybody at once and you won’t alienate people who love the franchise but hate (or simply can’t use) your platform choice.

    1. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if by this stage Apple is paying devs to release on ios before other platforms. It’s been happening in the console space for YEARS.

      Tired, stagnant platform mixed with purposefully limited functionality means Apple has to throw around their war chest to stay ahead of the competition.

      There is no benefit to staggering releases as far as I can think of, short of extending the lifespan of excited chatter on social media.

    2. From my experience it really is mostly a technical issue. Android/Dalvik is harder to do polished graphic work in compared to iOS/Objective C.

  3. iOS only – meh
    ‘Free to play’ – i.e. subscription model rather than one-off fee – meh
    ‘time travel’, ancient Egypt etc as a plot device – clearly run out of ideas.  Boring.

    It’s becoming less and less promising, despite the lavish ‘not actual footage’ CGI trailers…

  4. Since I do not own a single thing that runs iOS, I say boo! I got PvZ when it first came out, when it still had the Michael Jackson zombie. Loved that game, and I still play it… on my Windows 7 laptop.

    1. Why would ios only make you happy?

      If it’s even true I’d say you need a more exciting life, guy.

  5. Oh cool. Can’t wait till it comes out. I really liked the first one. I didn’t even know a second one was coming out. 

  6. Scratch off another game made popular by PC users only to repay PC users by casting them aside…

  7. Too bad George Fan (original creator) and Laura Shigihara (composer, singer) weren’t involved in any way. Like having having one of your favourite books farmed out to some unknown (presumably cheaper) author for the sequel.

  8. iOS only and creepy free to play model. I sense a fail of pathetic proportions. EA’s legendary reverse Midas touch feels another promising young studio… Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  9. Firstly its difficult to optimise apps for various devices running different versions of OSes ,thats why Android version takes more time to develop, less devices means more easy to optimise and check every device
    Secondary It does make sense if something is complete to start making money off it because you they are making the game to earn money right
    So sadly my GS3 will have to wait for it but thankfully I have an ipad

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