Real Stuff: Knock Knock

"One day I got a letter from Charles Bukowski..." From Real Stuff #1 (Fantagraphics, December 1990).

[After reading "Knock Knock," Bukowski wrote a letter to Dennis, which Dennis ran in Real Stuff #2:]

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  1. Yeah that whole fantasy of befriending and partying with your aging idols really only works out when you’re Johnny Depp famous yourself.

    1. I dunno…I got drunk with Bukowski a couple times. He told me his editor  at Back Sparrow Press, John Martin, figured he was the best selling poet in America. It was 1969, as best I can recall, and nobody seemed to know who he was except for the Los Angeles hipoisie. After he got truly  famous I suppose he got tired of our bullshit. Even we did. 

    2. For a while, it seemed to be a rite of passage for a certain type of self-consciously intense young writer who fancied himself the latest Avatar of Gonzo to get up the nerve to visit Hunter S. Thompson–either to learn from the master or prove that the pupil had surpassed him or just to hang out for what he assumed were still endless good times–and basically get slapped down for the poser that he was. (I know this because a couple of them wrote really nasty shit about him after he was safely dead.) Depp, on the other hand, seems to have pulled it off, as he and HST were friends long after the movie was completed. 

  2. Loving this Eichhorn stuff. Shame the Real Stuff book on amazon is almost $200!!!!!

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