Han Solo in Carbonite Pop-Tarts

Last October, IGN's Brian Altano announced a bold design fiction: an imaginary line of "Han Solo in Carbonite" Pop-Tarts. Several months have gone by and this is still not a thing. The world is broken.

Would You Eat These Star Wars Pop-Tarts? (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Unfortunately someone made the pop tarts from real carbonite and during initial product testing several test subject broke teeth while trying to chew the pop tarts.   Oh, well. 

  2. I think an edit that must happen to the next Star Wars release is adding sprinkles to Han Solo’s prison/tomb. Completely changes the character of the movie, for the better.

  3. To be honest, given the willingness of Lucasfilm to license pretty much anything that wasn’t blatantly illegal, I am amazed we didn’t get them in 1981.

  4. This, and many other types of character and artifact designs, could  be handled by a 3D ganache printer.

    Half an hour to print, down your kid’s trap in fifteen seconds.

  5. “Who knew rapscallions could be so delicious? Think I’ll pass on the wookie one, though …. “

  6. I hate to get all technical here…but in a toaster. Han would melt before the heat reached the marker.

  7. Jabba the Hutt frosted frozen Han Solo with something. And it wasn’t sugar frosting. 

  8. Sweet, slightly singed, single-serving Solo satiates swiftly; suckers sincere Star Wars supporters simultaneously.

    Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

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