Vein-shaped wine carafes

An example of fantastic, whimsical bio-tableware from sculptor Etienne Meneau. Holds a full bottle.

If it looks difficult to pour from or clean, Meneau has an FAQ for that.

Via the good folks at The Annals of Improbable Research


    1. Hey, I came here to post the same. :) That, and to comment about the aeration problem (what I remember of this thread from ’07 was the interesting discussion on the lack of surface area in this setup).

      1.  I came here to learn about Bayesian statistics and the odds of wine ending up in any particular end lobe.

      2. My thoughts exactly. The primary purpose of a wine decanter is to aerate wine. Not gonna happen in this.

  1. You just need a ferric test tube cleaner brush and a strong magnet.  Though it’s good they stopped at the larger bronchioles, alveoli are a bitch to clean. 

  2. Call me when someone creates a wine udder to hang in the center of the table, complete with teats.

    “More wine?”  How to make your new in-laws uncomfortable.

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