Why raindrops don't kill mosquitoes

For a mosquito, every summer storm is like a million Volkswagen Beetles falling from the sky. How do they survive the deadly deluge? Meghan Cetera explains at Popular Science.


    1. Evolution doesn’t “like.” Full stop. “Liking” is not a thing of which it is capable.

  1. Odd that this article about mosquitoes is illustrated with a photo of a dolichopodid fly. Mosquitoes are in an entirely different family. For reference: http://www.flickr.com/photos/horsepunchkid/7324490604/

  2. One early Spring in Yosemite, I was enjoying a short hike in one of the Sequoia groves when a nice April snowfall came down, so I sat in a fallen tree trunk and let my senses take in the soothing spectacle.  Then it just popped into sharp relief, a carefree mosquito perfectly navigating among the falling snowflakes, which just about ruined the whole thing.  So I dragged my ass back to the car, thinking “we’re screwed”.

  3. Raindrops will not kill a mosquito but a laser beam will.  We need more lasers and less raindrops, I think.

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