Limited edition Oblique Strategies deck from Brian Eno

Brian Eno has released a limited-edition deck of his "Oblique Strategies" cards, for £60. Oblique Strategies is a legendary deck of creative aphorisms and provocations that will make you revisit your assumptions and find new ways through hard problems. I swear by them ("be the first person to not do a thing that no one else has ever thought of not doing before").

Limited to 500 only.
Numbered 1 - 500
Housed in an exclusive burgundy box

This limited set will include new cards which are unique to this set and will not appear anywhere else. Exclusive to



  1. Does anybody have an example of one of the oblique strategies in this box?  It seems pretty vague for something that costs nearly $100.  

    1. It has only one card, “Try apathy,” but if you’d like a DIY howto to make your own, let me know and I”ll whip something up.

        1. Hah, that’s in my Netflix queue, not having watched it since it came out, and so I had no idea it was an actual reference!

  2. I totally find myself wanting this, although I don’t know if I can justify spending money on this thing I clearly don’t need.

    1. There are SLIGHT differences. Some of the cards will say different things — that’s the big change. Also, the box is a different color, and this is a limited edition, with someone writing the number on a card.

      There are websites that go into a lot of detail about the various editions of this box of cards, the history, etc, and they also include the texts on the cards. 

      So if you want “just the information,” it’s free. There’s usually even a free “pick a card” website.

  3. Eno says, “be the first person to not do a thing that no one else has ever thought of not doing before”… 
    Uh, yeah, like stop worshipping Brian Eno already.  After all,
    ‘e’, ‘n’ and ‘o’ are the first three letters of ENOUGH!
    Seriously boingboing…get off the Eno hype wagon — his oblique strategies are more fool-on-the-hill crap on par with the mumbo jumbo spewed by Neil Gaiman and the many other false pop culture gods who are never once questioned on your site.
    And yeah, lotsa folks have the four stoopid prints from ‘Before and After Science’…and whatta buncha meaningless BS they were! 
    Just print 100 cards that say, ‘Think for Yourself’.  That’ll be 100 bucks
    thankyouverymuch.  Suckers.     

    1. Hm. Let’s see. I think I have  a deck here somewhere. Let me pull a card for you. Ok. 

      Oh, haha, . . .  it says, “Shut the fuck up.”

      1. STFU?!!  ha that’s really original but expected.

        you better buy that stack of cards then fool, to get some new ideas Timbo.

        I’m quite sorry you drank the whole bottle of Eno/Gaiman juice and am sure repeated listening of
        ‘Music for Airports’ and ‘Neverwhere’ will soothe your filthy mouth and remedy your pedestrian, knee-jerk belief in NPR-boingboing demagogues. 

          1. uh, yeah – no one cares what I think…except you sure did — so I guess you’re no one then.

            and calling me a monkey must be a new word you got from your beloved Eno cards yet I’d rather be a thinking monkey than an angry sheep like you.  

            Golly now it sounds like you have a bad case of the Thursdays…

            I sure hope you don’t wind up at a hospital playing Eno’s pompous, wretched 
            ‘Music for Hospitals’!*

            * but his next deck of platitudes (for $200) most surely will have a cure for his ambient dithering! 

    1. I don’t understand how it takes this website almost 3 minutes to load a new single line of text each time.

      1. Your connection has to pass through a time machine to the server, which is in 1993 (and back).

      2. I,ɯ uoʇ snɹǝ ʍɥɐʇ ʇɥǝ dɹoqlǝɯ ıs’ ɯʎ ɹǝdlʎ ʍɐs dosʇǝp qǝɟoɹǝ I ʍɹoʇǝ ıʇ˙

        1. I have the third, again slightly revised edition, 1979, in front of me. I just opened it at random and got:

          “Turn it upside down”

    1.  I like the exclusive burgundy box – it makes it sound classy, like a matching pen and pencil set.

      1. and then there’s the executive oblique strategies box, finished in green felt with brass trim.

    2. Oh, but it’s burgundy cardboard, no, wait… finely-pressed wood fiber ensconced in burgundy faux parchment. And only $92.70.

      Eno-ff is Eno-ff… ; )

  4. …and another thing. If it’s Oblique Strategies, how come the box has right angles?

  5. I love my Oblique decks!  I use one in my music studio but also in my yoga studio.  I pull a card before I teach a class.  Often they are oblique; more often they are prophetic!  I love them so much I used one in a letter to my local paper about a local blowhard also named Eno:

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