Quebec's new pizza-and-spaghetti-flavored slushy drink is "love in a cup," apparently

Quebecois convenience store chain Couche-Tard has rolled out a new drink: the Pizzaghetti Sloche, a shave-ice drink that comes in both pizza and spaghetti flavors, which can be combined to customer specifications to make Pizzaghetti flavor. Couche-Tard's slogan for the drink is "love in a cup." Redditor plagues138 posted a photo of the actual Pizzaghetti Sloche machine in situ.

Sloche - Pizzaghetti (via Neatorama)


        1.  For the record, it’s 23 hours later and I’m still laughing. That could easily have come out of John Candy’s mouth. Or gone into it.

      1. Except for the ‘sacre bleu’ part.  In the 24 years I have lived in Qc I’ve never heard that expression used, not even ironically.

  1. It’s the sort of thing that’d be really tempting to try. They don’t have to plan to have it for long, just long enough for every sucker to try it once.

    1. They actually give weird name to all the flavours that are typically just fruit flavours. Pizzaghetti is actually strawberry kiwi. Some of the best names through the years was Rosbeef, Liposuction and Wild Tar…

  2. I’m weirding out on the depth of field compression. That thing looks like it is as big as the door.

  3. Quebec… Didn’t they just ban kids from playing soccer while wearing a turban? Now pizza slushies. What is their deal?

    1. We are crazy bastards doing crazy experiments. Céline Dion was just ou first creation. Heheheheh!

    2.  No, you can play soccer with a turban. Just not in an official league affiliated to the national federation where FIFA rules on that matter apply.

    1. You don’t understand….it’s to get Canada out of Quebec.

      (I’m only half joking.)

  4. ‘Pizzaghetti’ is just a funny/gross name for strawberry/kiwi. Every flavour of Couche-Tard Sloche has a weird or gross name but the actual flavours are pretty normal (example: ‘Tropical Cheddar’ = Peach, ‘Lipposuccion’ = Passionfruit with red syrup bleeding in it, ‘Wonton Soup’ = Iced Tea, etc…)

  5. This chain is also strongly against unionization of its workers, and as weird practices of firing employees who are victims of hold-ups so no more for me.  Not that I really went for more than milk once in a while.

    Jones Soda does make a poutine flavoured drink, I didn’t  try it though… 

    1.  Coincidentally if you had been eating spaghetti and pizza you would have  recreated the product that made you throw up!

  6.  Oh, this is the best pizza in a cup ever. This guy is unbelievable. He ran the old Cup ‘o Pizza guy out of business. People come from all over to eat this.

  7. I wonder if they will be able to get the taste out of the plastic, for when they give up with it and put in normal flavours. 

  8. Yeah, such a lovely company. Any location where the workers unionize is shuttered, virtually overnight. (Apparently they’ve been taking lessons from those paragons, Wal-Mart and McDonald’s.)

    Add scarily effective marketing of sugar-water to kids — good enough to get an apparently approving post on BB — and, well, what’s not to like? 

    1. Couche-Tard is also refusing to drop its sponsorship of the Quebec Soccer Federation despite its (racist imo) ban on turbans. There’s been some talk of boycotting them and other sponsors, but nothing yet. And the ban is widely supported in my miserable province, anyway.

      1.  They just apply the FIFA rules on banning religious accessories. It is still very acceptable to play soccer with a turban, a cross or whatever please your imaginary friend in Quebec. Just not in an affiliated league of the FSQ/FIFA.

  9. Given: “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi” means “Will you sleep with me?”
    Then “Couche-Tard” is a classy way of saying “Fuck-Tard”?

  10. Pretty weirded out by the number of people who ACTUALLY believe it’s a pizza-spaghetti flavoured drink. Also, Couche-Tard =! Quebec

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