Scary Russian business-man insists he isn't scary: "you are in no possible danger of being murdered if you come to Moscow!"


30 Responses to “Scary Russian business-man insists he isn't scary: "you are in no possible danger of being murdered if you come to Moscow!"”

  1. Zhasu says:

    He also added: “If you do not wish to come to Moscow, I can also arrange 3 or 4 or my employees to come visit you at your home and provide you with a factual information. Nobody will be in danger. Your wife that usually leaves work around 17:30 every day from her office on the corner of 5th and 7th, to pick up your daughter at the kindergarten will be perfectly intact upon you agreeing with my own opinion.”

    • chenille says:

      Nobody will be in danger.

      I noticed, though, that the quote never made such a claim. It only
      said that for Krebs to think there was danger would be funny, and come check for himself. Vrublevsky probably has a great sense of humor.

  2. franko says:

    not intimidating at all. by the way, is that a sword?? o_O

  3. Navin_Johnson says:

    Velcome to my office. Boris, Yuri: keeel heem.

  4. rocketpj says:

    Struggles to maintain a stern face while he realizes he has skewered his foot.

  5. jean_luc_turbo says:

    Satan, what a recruit!

  6. Studies show that the human brain tends to ignore the negative words in a sentence.

    When someone says, “It’s quite funny that you think somehow when you fly to meet me in Moscow or ChronoPay offices that you are in any possible danger from me for being murdered” (which is pretty skimpy on negative words anyway), what we really hear is “you are in danger of being murdered.”

    So depending on his objective, this guy is either a terrible rhetorician or a very good one.

  7. LogrusZed says:

    That looks a lot like a Knights of Columbus sword. I own one very similar to it.

    • malindrome says:

      Interesting.  Do the western lapdog journalist scum usually beg your forgiveness when you confront them in your lair?

  8. Daemonworks says:

    Mind you, it’s essentially impossible to get ahead in Russia if you don’t want to work with organized crime. By all accounts, all but the lowest levels of politicians, businessman and the like can simply be assumed to have ‘connections’, at the very least, as they’re pretty much required to get and keep those positions.

  9. Yep says:

    “Intent. I has it.”

  10. humanresource says:

    In Soviet Russia, gangsters pay you.

  11. The scaryness seems to come from cold war movies like James Bond where the bad guy was often Russian. Its not really the Russians fault.

  12. Scratcheee says:

    It’s interesting that if someone assures you that they won’t kill you, your chances of being killed are actually higher than if the subject doesn’t come up at all.

  13. Tony Fisk says:

    The kindest thing I can say is that Vrubelvsky has taken one of those pills that the spaced out young lady’s* Roadkill Tee is advertising.

     (or maybe he has the alternate: “I used to be a sociopathic criminal master-mind, but I take ‘credit’ for that now”)

    *It may just be the eyeshadow, of course.

  14. gijoel says:

    I Vigo the scourge of Carpathia, the sorrow of Moldovia, command you.

  15. redesigned says:

    step into my white panel van…you totally won’t be murdered!

    (telling people they won’t be murdered never makes them feel safer.)

  16. showme says:

    Where’s his tiny giraffe?

  17. DL says:

    “I realize journalists are not such wealthy people in America”
    I can’t help but feel they’re probably not such wealthy people in Russia either…

  18. Rob H says:

    Does he know the machine?

  19. TheWorldsBestEconomist says:

    It’s funny how it’s the folks from ex-communist nations who seem to really “get” capitalism.

  20. karl_jones says:

    “Don’t run — I won’t kill you!”

    - Dr. Leonard McCoy

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