Telekinesis demonstrated

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    1. This is easily the most confusing video I’ve seen on BoingBoing since that thing with the Nutella and the bananas.

      1.  Ha.. That’s one fucked up video, I haven’t figured out what was going on in that nutella video till now.

  1. Well, I’m glad to see that people are putting the skills that used to be wasted on ‘being slain in the spirit’ to equally ridiculous; but substantially less dangerous, use…

  2. Oh, now I understand telekinesis. Thanks.
    Also, it’s good to know that you can turn it off by sticking your finger in someones belly button.

  3. Oh religion, you take all the fun out of being silly…..   Well most of it anyway.

  4. Folks, it’s not telekinesis. It’s tele kenesis. Says so right up front. Totally different. I’ll host a low-cost course that explains the difference. No obligation, just a nominal fee to cover my expenses.

  5. I gave up halfway through, when I realized that the WOMAN wasn’t the one demonstrating “telekinesis”  – The whole time, I thought that she was cranking herself up for some sort of mental blast that would, Oh, I dunno….Ruffle a piece of paper on that bulletin board or something.

    1. Me too.  I thought she was going to do something and was doing some elaborate pre-TK ritual.  Once I realized she was supposedly being affected by him, it just seemed beyond the ridiculousness I was expecting.

      1. I’m glad I’m not alone. I patiently waited thinking OMG her pre-show is ridiculous. I was still waiting thinking “I don’t get it… nothing happened except her dancing around maniacally” I expected at least an attempt at convincing us.

        Then I realized… he was supposed to be responsible for her dancing around like that. Oh. If I’d known that earlier I’d have quit watching muuuuch sooner.

  6. The sad part is the guilty-by-association process which will further attenuate the Mandarin jackets’ potential for mainstream crossover. I’ve always loved it — the pre-Nerhru Mandarin collar, the frog knots, the cuffs, sigh. I want all the humans wearing them!

  7. Reminds me of that unhappy video of the Aikido master who was convinced he could knock over any opponent with a mere wiggle of his finger (his students obligingly falling over every time), and who then confidently accepted a challenge to fight from a kick boxer. The challenger just punched the master in the face a few times, quite hard, leaving him looking utterly shocked, like “How is this happening?”

    1. The Bullshido forums loved taking on martial arts “magicians” like that guy. His students were an endless source of stupidity.

    2.  I am a big skeptic of everything, and a fan of Aikido.  I tried to find the video you were talking about, and only found a ton of videos that support Aikido as a valid fighting style. (for example).  Can you find the source you referenced?

      1.  You might be thinking of “Yellow Bamboo” fighting style from Bali, which is a bunch of spiritual hooey like this silly “Tai Chi” demonstration.  Here is a Yellow Bamboo master getting beat by an unbeliever

          1. I’ve seen those Yellow Bamboo guys in Bali and they are so, so, so ridiculous, but they take it so, so, so seriously. It might be good as a spiritual practice (moving your chi energy around and all), but it is total rubbish as a martial art.

      2. Right. Isn’t Aikido supposed to be a totally defensive form of, well, “defense”? Knocking someone over with one’s own force doesn’t sound like the move of an Aikido master.

        1. Not an expert by any means, took classes with some who studied with the bigger schools in Japan. Aikido uses a lot of the same principles that walking does; put the body in motion by using controlled falling. Basically force an opponent to over-extend beyond point of balance and use that to bring them to the ground and pin them. 

          If you watch videos or even demonstrations, it looks super fake, but it works fairly well. Men tend to use strength to muscle you off-balance and into the pins, but women use the balance principles more effectively I found. If you get a chance to work with the more skilled women practitioners, it’s actually pretty fun, kinda like a ride.

          No idea if it is an effective martial art against a skilled opponent, but seems pretty effective against the average knucklehead.

          1. Tai chi has some interesting subjective aspects and these yokels really muddy the water. You are spot on – larger people tend to use force unless they are adept. My experience is 28 years of tai chi, with some Aikido experience. Aikido uses large movements and (good) tai chi uses very, very small movements, yet in a similar way. Usefulness depends on the practitioner and their training more than the style. With practice, movements become reflexive, providing a tremendous advantage in speed and coordination. Tai chi does work against skilled opponents. However, there are always opponents more skilled. As in any sport, even the pros get their ass handed to them on a regular basis. Always best to embrace the martial arts as an art rather than for fighting. Sadly, these folks have mistaken martial arts for theater arts.

        2. Judging from the way my dad would do it, it wasn’t even very defensive. The running joke in our house was that dad would demonstrate it to us by saying “Grab my arm… no, not like that…” :)

          1.  I dunno if he’s aikido or not but that’s the chi blaster who got punched in the face for trying his stuff out on a non student like Daniel Earwicker was talking about

        1. This version includes footage of him dishing out a telekinetic beatdown on a roomful of his students:

          1. She was using her mobility to keep out of that awful reach but she still committed much  more to her attacks. He pulled an awful lot of punches and I’m not sure why, since he could power through her defense pretty easily. Though I’ll bet you anything she has more endurance and he was trying to save it.

            If either one had any grappling, the other would have been toast.

        2.  Poor old guys looks like he got hurt bad, or at least realised his style didn’t work like he thought it did, and decided to just stay down

        3. Yeah, this is the video I thought of too.  However, don’t lump in Aikido into this load of crap.  Load Dim Mak(Death Touch), Yellow Bamboo, George Dillman, Ashida Kim and other Snake Oil purveyors into this.  Martial Arts and fighting, in general, is sooo misunderstood that things like this BS video are possible.  Sad that people are so weak minded that this is possible.

      3. My dad practised Aikido for many decades (and happens to be a super-skeptical mathematician), so I too am at least a casual fan. But of course any activity like that will attract a range of people, some of whom are skeptics who want to know how it really works, and others who are attracted to mystical forces and chi/qi, etc. I’ve personally met people who are convinced their teacher could make them fall over by tapping one finger on the chest of a third person stood out of sight. Despite this they may also be very good at actual Aikido – maybe the mystical beliefs could serve as a placebo to help them instinctively practise the real skills.

        1. I studied Aikido in Japan. There is a lot of talk about moving chi energy around. There is a mystical air to it, but the ultimate result is that Aikido is a totally real way (道) to defend ones self.

    3. There are many varieties of Aikido, some of which focus entirely on the “energy work,” and ignore the actual martial aspects of the art. There’s a dojo across the street from me that does this, and it’s embarrassing to watch. My ex got her blackbelt in Aikido from a different dojo, and she is fully competent to tie you in a knot & throw you through a wall.

    4. See, I’d say that if a professional fighter gave the aikido master several hard shots to the face and the sensei was still standing, either the sensei had something genuine going on there, or the kickboxer didn’t. 

  8. Geez guys, this was a demonstration of “tele-kenesis”, which is a type of kung fu improv tapdancing, not “telekinesis”, the ability to move things with your mind. They’re two totally different things.

  9. I was expecting her to fly. It took me over 2 minutes to catch on that my time was being wasted.

  10. I’m a fan of Tele Ken Esis, which is when I call up my buddy Ken and see if he wants to go get a beer or four. 

  11. Rob couldn’t you have run this through the site that speeds it up and adds Yakkity Sax?

      1. Thank you!
        Just when the whole my government violates all of our rights thing was getting me down, this is just what I needed…

  12. I stopped watching after 55 seconds. At what time point do things start to float in the video?

  13. I looked up the word ‘telekinesis’ to make sure I knew what it meant.  I know that I know what ‘demonstrated’ means.  This page needs a better title:
    ‘telekinesis not demonstrated’
    ‘how to waste five minutes’
    ‘you’ll watch anything we show you.  Don’t deny it!’
    Something like that..

    1. Wait, you thought there was even a one in a million chance that there was legit going to be actual telekinesis (or even telek*e*nesis, WvrTF that is) demonstrated? No you probably didn’t.

      The funny thing is I bet there are people out there embedding that video completely unironically as support for some desperate belief system. No wait… sad. The *sad* thing is that. I get those mixed up.

      1. I thought it might be something that vaguely LOOKED like telekinesis, but after 2 minutes of awkward interpretive dance, I stopped watching. Now I’m wondering why the sifu allowed this to be posted to the internet? This can’t help his rep as a serious teacher.

        1. Dunning-Kruger effect. He literally cannot see how that video looks to people who don’t share his defect.

          Also, one does not simply “not allow” things to be posted to the internet.

  14. We’re supposed to be impressed that she’s such a perfect victim that the barest hint of “energy” from her master sends her into these fits?

    Personally, I’m impressed that she managed to miss the pictures on the walls and any other items that could be damaged.  That takes a lot of self control when you’re in the midst of demonstrating being “out of control”.

  15. How did this video get posted?  Somebody’s sister-in-law’s performance art piece that couldn’t even find a stage?

  16. Turn off the sound and play some Deadmau5 and it all actually congeals into an understandable extant.

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