Beautiful hand-carved woodcut print of The Moon

Themoon woodcut v2

Tugboat Printshop hand-carved this lovely drawing of "The Moon" in 3/4" birch plywood and then pulled 200 limited edition 33.5" x 30.5" prints. You can read more about the intricate process at their site. "The Moon" (Thanks, Jason Tester!)


  1. Gorgeous! And yet, so, so unaffordable. :(

    EDIT: The print is available by itself for a much more reasonable price. [Sound of pennies hitting jar…]

    1. Theyy’re based in Pittsburgh. Most things are pretty cheap there. I bought this one for myself when I finished grad school: 

  2. You’re aware that most, if not all, woodcuts are “hand carved”? It’s not like this is unusual or noteworthy.

    That said, nice print!

    1. That’s not really true. Plenty of modern artists use CNC routers and the like to work from a digital file. They then pull prints from the carved block in much the same manner. You’d still call this a woodcut, but it is not hand carved.

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