Disgraced New Yorker writer sells book to Simon & Schuster


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  1. MosesZD says:

    I’m glad he’s getting a second chance.   I know he made the mistakes he made, but in the feeding frenzy, a lot of these ‘journalists’ that went after him made him, in my eyes at least, a sympathetic figure.  

    After all, they made even greater mistakes by presenting horribly biased articles from their position as pack-leaders in the cyber-lynch-mob that went after him.  Articles that were, at times, quite testily refuted by the people who allegedly suffered misrepresentation through Lehrer’s actions.  

    But then, that’s what I expect from most ‘journalists.’   Ill-trained clowns who know little beyond jazzing up what should be minor stories where the guilty party might need a rolled-up newspaper to the nose instead whipping up the mob into frenzy that takes him to the guillotine.

    • Brainspore says:

      So the accurate-but-sensationalizing journalists are “Ill-trained clowns” forming a “lynch mob,” but the lying, plagiarizing and sensationalizing journalists are “sympathetic figures” who deserve a second chance. Interesting.

  2. tomrigid says:

    Congratulations, Simon & Schuster, you and I just became BitTorrent buddies.

  3. gracchus says:

    From the New York Times: “Jonah Lehrer is an unusually talented writer,” Jonathan Karp, the publisher of Simon & Schuster, said in an e-mail Thursday night. “We believe in second chances.”

    … and third chances … and fourth … and fifth.

    Lehrer is a great illustration of a phenomenon I call “the glass floor.” Just as the glass ceiling prevents women from moving up, the glass floor prevents certain people from ever falling. It’s not limited to writers, of course — we all know the incompetent or dishonest manager whose charisma and skill with BS has so many people in power invested in him that he’s never allowed to fail, no matter how big he screws up. George W. Bush — failed airman, failed businessman — is the phenomenon taken to its extreme.

  4. Mordicai says:

    Oh man, remember how “If I Did It” is a real book?

  5.  I thought only conservative pundits were allowed to just make shit up.

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