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31 Responses to “She & Him on the Tonight Show”

  1. jimh says:

    Thanks- after a day of mostly bad news, I needed this.

  2. Christopher Carr says:

    How precious.


    • jimh says:

      I take it the free ice cream isn’t your flavor.

      • Christopher Carr says:

        Nostalgic, cupcake princess folk-country-rock sprinkles, isn’t a good flavor.  

        It’s cloying.

    • Andrew Suber says:

       Utter crap. Hollywood actress playing at alt rock.

      •  I wouldn’t call that alt rock. At. All.

        • Andrew Suber says:

          Technically I would define it as “Countrypolitan”, like Lambchop. It’s ironic rock music that mines country music for its content.

          •  I would agree with you if you changed “ironic” to “post ironic” because something tells me they’re sincere and irony implies… a lack of sincerity? Or something like that. I have no idea what I’m talking about but I plan on hitting the submit button anyway

  3. copperwatt says:

    This is to AM radio music as Instagram is to your parents Polaroids.

  4. Gordon Stark says:

    Oh good grief, David…

    You are kidding, right?

    • David Pescovitz says:

      No, I’m not. I really like Zooey Deschanel’s voice and Matt Ward is the real deal. He’s a fantastic musician. I encourage you to check out his solo work. Transfiguration of Vincent and Transistor Radio are fine places to start.

      • noah says:

        “Transfiguration of Vincent” is a masterpiece. Ward is a brillant songwriter, and his arrangements are sharp as hell.

        Deschanel’s the songwriter in She & Him, though.

      • Christopher Carr says:

        The whole ridiculous thing might work a bit better as pop if she weren’t so damn caterwauling a vocalist.

        There is not a single redeeming bit.

      • Christopher Carr says:

        “Zooey Deschanel’s voice, and Matt Ward is the real deal.”

        Haha… I’m going to get some mileage out of that quote.

      • Christopher Carr says:

        I wonder if David can evaluate music without thinking about the quirky-cute girl that got away — that, or he’s in his 20’s. 

  5. fuzzbo says:

    Two drummers, and they still need the acoustic guitarist to hit a cymbal…

  6. Stay_Sane_Inside_Insanity says:

    Ugh, that band with the ungrammatical name.  Boo! 

  7. Jake0748 says:

    I actually kind-of liked the song and enjoyed her voice.  But having to look at Jay Leno’s bloated moron face at the beginning killed it for me.   

  8. She sings, she dances, she acts… Where is her Bing Crosby?

  9. Andrew Suber says:


    Since when did Boing Boing start posting clips from network television the night before? Things are getting effing tired around here. A re-run of “Solid Potato Salad” and now this.

    Zooey is cute, but she is way overexposed. Kinda like Pokemon.

  10. rocketpj says:

    I like it, but then I appear to have an hitherto unnoticed crush on Ms. Deschanel.

  11. Andrew Suber says:


    What’s so wonderful about a network tv clip from the night before?

    I pointed this out and my comment was deleted. You guys are turning into a touchy, arrogant mainstream media outlet.

    If you don’t value my opinion, that’s fine. Just don’t hold yourself out as an institution that respects the opinion of the readers.

  12. Andrew Suber says:

    I figured out why I don’t like Zooey Deschanel.

    She’s an extension of this nearly immortal Hollywood trope; she’s like the “unattractive” girl who is a beautiful 10 out of 10 talented actress. But! because she has her hair in a bun and wears glasses in a movie, she is unattractive until the hero takes her glasses off and lets her hair fall. It’s playing to a very male trait: we want super-hot girls but we want a flaw so that we can sustain a romance fantasy about her (we also root for an underdog).

    This stereotype is played out. It insults both men and women.

    It’s insulting to women who are actually dorks to call Zooey “adorkable”. BoingBoing should be a celebration of real dorks, not the super-talented super-beautiful super-rich “adorkables”. It’s like being a hippie with a poncho from Sears.

    • bzishi says:

      This isn’t a movie, so the Hollywood reference is not relevant. Just out of curiosity, what movie of hers are you talking about to make this generalization that you are using to sustain your dislike?

      • Andrew Suber says:

        Yes Man

        • bzishi says:

          You misdefined adorkable:

          “she’s like the “unattractive” girl who is a beautiful 10 out of 10 talented actress. But! because she has her hair in a bun and wears glasses in a movie, she is unattractive until the hero takes her glasses off and lets her hair fall.”

          This is not what adorkable means, and the roles you described don’t fit this definition. Yes, Zooey Deschanel plays adorkable roles, but what you are describing is the Beautiful All Along trope (which she doesn’t play). I think you need to adjust your reasoning for disliking her (or–crazy idea–not dislike her).

          • Andrew Suber says:

            They’re related tropes. They’re similar in that you slap a pair of glasses and a bun on a supermodel: voila! a librarian. If you slap a Wilco sticker and a uke into Ms. Deschanels hands, voila! What a sweet, nerdy pixy!

            tvtropes.com relates adorkable, nerds are sexy and hot librarian and hot scientest as very similar tropes. The concept behind all four is that we can find a lack of sexual confidence appealing.

            It is a stock character that is silly and demeaning to the audience. It’s something that Ms. Deschanel has built her career on.

            At Vanity Fair, they had an article titled:
            Zooey Deschanel on New Girl: Adorkable or Tweepulsive?
            So I am not the only person pursuing this line of reasoning.

          • Andrew Suber says:

             I would reply to you, in response to your comment. But the moderators are deleting my comments.

            Tsk. Tsk. What can I say about my level of disappointment in the editorial standards here? I guess any political opinion is allowed in the brave new world of the Internet except a dislike of Zooey Deschanel.

            All of BoingBoing’s talk and support of EFF is just lip service. When there is an opinion they don’t like, they don’t mind deleting it.

  13. Erik Denning says:

    I didn’t think I would like this. First, because fuck Jay Leno, and second, I used to think Zoey was very pretty and a good fantasy, but she got WAY overhyped. But fair is fair. I do think it’s good song

  14. JhmL says: