Vesper, an elegant note-taking app


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  1. eselqueso says:

    She was definitely a fizzy drink of water, but Vesper Lynd was a Bond girl, not a cocktail.

  2. SedanChair says:

    Um isn’t that an awkward name choice? Vesper was totally spying on 007 the whole time.

    • jmcgarry says:

      Maybe they’re just being obliquely honest about where your notes are going to end up? {Cough}NSA{cough}.

  3. Jim Saul says:

    Are we sure it’s not named after the medieval monk’s prayers at sundown when scribe’s duties end for the day?

  4. Warren_Terra says:

    I take notes on my phone all the time, and previously did so on an iPod touch, but (1) the iPhone is the wrong tool for the job, unless there’s an easy way to install Swype; (2) there are decent free note-taking apps (and free-ish ones that charge to add features like Sync); and (3) no Sync? For $5? Are you nuts?

    • s2redux says:

      Rob’s being a bit coy with the story, not mentioning the provenance of this app — Q Branch consists of Apple apologist John Gruber, NetNewsWire coder Brent Simmons, and designer Dave Wiskus. Marco Arment (Mr. InstaPaper) tackles your questions in his early review

      “From the outside, then, it’s easy to be dismissive or even resentful: How can these guys launch a relatively expensive text-note app that’s missing so many features of competing text-note apps?”

      “Balls. [...] It takes balls to release a note-shoebox app in 2013 that has no sync, import, or export. It takes balls to name your note-shoebox app after a cocktail nobody has heard of, then to age-rate the app “12+ for mild alcohol references” just so the cocktail’s recipe can be included in the Credits screen. [...]“

      • Paul Renault says:

        Haven’t you figured out that you’re supposed to use your other iPhone to take pictures of Vesper’s screen, then send those photos to iCloud (Hi there, NSA!), so you can retrieve them, and then try to OCR them, so you can then post your ‘notions’ on your blag?  It’s all very, very elegant, no?

      • Warren_Terra says:

        That review is hilarious. Reading between the lines, the author is suggesting Vesper is less an App than it is Performance Art: beautifully done arrant nonsense, a commentary on the reductio ad absurdum of the Steve Jobs philosophy: Do An Arbitrary Subset Of Things, But Do Them Beautifully. The three arguments put forward in favor of Vesper (amidst an overwhelming argument against) are (1) the creators are brilliant; (2) you have to respect their gumption in charging so much for so little; and (3) esthetic performance. It’s almost the a href=””>Useless Box Kit of the App world.

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