Weird Wheels trading cards from 1980

Weird Wheels was a Topps trading card series issued in 1980, with art by Norm Saunders (of Mars Attacks! fame) and Gary Hallgren. The delightful Karswell has scans of the entire series.

Weird Wheels


  1. I’m so glad you saw this. It made me get on eBay and buy one of the sticker packs for my FIL for Xmas next year. He’s impossible to buy for but LOVES these things.

  2. Yeah, Odd Rods! I had the first 66 when I was a kid. It was hard to get all 66 because there was one that was hard to find. That was genius of them because I kept buying them until I found that one elusive sticker! I didn’t collect all of the next series because I discovered Playboy by then!

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