Clarion Write-a-Thon: sponsoring writers to raise money for the Clarion science fiction and fantasy workshop

I've just signed up for the Clarion Write-a-Thon, an annual fundraiser that brings in money to run the non-profit Clarion Writers Workshop, a kind of bootcamp for science fiction writers held every year at UCSD's La Jolla Campus. I'm a Clarion grad, volunteer board-member, and I'm back teaching the program this year, so I guess you could say I believe in it pretty strongly. Here's my profile on the Write-a-Thon, should you wish to sponsor the story I'm working on (it's a short called "The Man Who Sold the Moon," about robotic 3D printers that sinter lunar regolith), and if you're working on something of your own, you can sign up and get your friends to sponsor you, too!

Clarion Write-a-Thon


  1. ” about robotic 3D printers that sinter lunar regolith” probably a sign of abject personal ignorance, but I’m I the only one who had look up both “sinter” and “regolith”?  Thought it was a Lovecraft thing at first.

  2. Until I joined a Write-A-Thon (which happens tomorrow June 9) I had never even heard of one, now I know of two which have San Diego connections.  Wow.  How about supporting my work on a mystery novel about steam trains?

  3. Classic Heinlein spoof of marketing, censorship and government graft + Burning Man + Cory Doctorow twist = awesome

    My only critical observation would be that self-replicating sintering robots are closer in spirit to the older concept of von Neumann probes. On the other hand, it seems likely that Markers will play key parts in the actual realization of von Neumann probes, which are, I suspect, the key to opening permanent research stations and maybe…just maybe…human settlements.

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